My RI Life: Paul Mitchell's It Girl Olivia Bucci

Hi! I'm Olivia Bucci, a 23 year old workaholic. I love my job at Paul Mitchell The School Rhode Island as an Admissions Leader. I am a hairstylist by trade, but working at the cosmetology school is so rewarding because I help others start their dream career!


Food And Restaurants

I have to say, I'm a total foodie. I'll take a good cup of coffee and meal anywhere! But when it comes to a favorite local restaurant it definitely is Island Delilocated on Point Judith Road, Narragansett. When you're looking for something quick and delicious for a beach day or grabbing the ferry, this is where you need to be. They're famous for their Wicked Willow Sandwich, which includes Willow Tree Chicken Salad and cheese grilled in a wrap. (College kids find this a great hangover tool.) They also have tons of alternative options including gluten free, salads, catering and other bomb-dot-com sandwiches. If you're getting a side to match, you must try the buffalo chicken pasta, or as we refer to it #buffchixpast. I have to say that I'm totally bias with this restaurant because my brother owns it... #sorrynotsorry. Follow them on Instagram @islanddeliri for mouth watering pictures or for their menu.

Best Practices: In the summer, the wait can be up to 45 minutes (which sometimes works because you can run next door to Shwabby's Liquors), so it helps to call in your order!


Shopping And Style

My shopping is easy. #allblackeverything Since I moved in with my boyfriend about a month ago, I realized not all my money can be spent on clothes. Unfortunately. Because I can't stop, won't stop, I stick to affordable places that give me great fashion collabs. You can always find me at Target, H&M and Marshall's.

Best Practices: When needing some inspiration, I use Pintrest and Instagram to find inspiration for outfits and then, go find look-a-like pieces at great prices.


Tips For Having Your Healthiest, Most Beautiful Hair


And now for my favorite topic... HAIR!!! I fell in love with hair when I was a young girl looking through magazines dreaming of doing hair for celebrities, runways and photo shoots. One of the frequently asked questions I get is about growing your hair out. If you're not taking vitamins you're doing it all wrong. A one-a-day is great but Biotin is better. Of course hair grows naturally, but for strong, healthier hair, vitamins are your best bet.

I'm imaging a lot of you reading this are now going back to your stylist for 'fall hair.' Your hair may be comprised from previous lightening or just being in the sun. Heat from hot tools can also be damaging or cause dry hair. Definitely do a deep conditioning (or a few) to get the life back in there. A good take home product is Hair Repair or Super Strong by Paul Mitchell. And for those of you using hot tools daily, make sure you're using a heat protectant like Heat Seal by Paul Mitchell.

If you want to learn anything, including braids, updo's, how to curl or get beachy waves... Go immediately to YouTube. It'll do you wonders. (Btw, for long lasting curls, try Stay Strong by Paul Mitchell.) And the last food for thought I leave you with is to try your local cosmetology schools. Yes, it may take a bit longer than a hair salon but some of the talent there is unbelievable. And who can beat a $10 blow out?!? If you're in Cranston, I do expect to see you in #PMTSRI - We always have amazing deals or Groupons!

Best Practices: Always bring pictures to show your stylist. We can't magically make you look exactly like the picture, but being able to see what's in your head sure does help. (Pinterest is the best for this.)




Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Olivia Bucci and her Instagram account, except for the Biotin bottle and H&M logo, which were found via Google Images.