Beauty Finds & Brand Obsessions: Getting Your Skin Glowing Again

Is your skin as clear and glow-y as you'd like? Check out today's post by RI native Samantha Rei of the popular beauty blog Primpin Ain't Easy to find out exactly how to get there. 

Brand Obsession: Sunday Riley

Happy Wednesday!!! It’s Sam and I am back here on to share some of my most recent, and exciting, beauty finds.

Since turning 25, I have made a more conscious effort to take better care of my skin, inside and out. I began to notice, right after 22, that my skin was starting to dry out and lacking in the “glow” department. I knew that it was crucial to be proactive, as I (and we) am stuck with this skin/face FOREVER. I know it sounds dramatic, but it’s true – so true.

I began looking to the web and friends for some advice on which products had shown potential as “lifers,” as I call them. It was a month, or so, back that a friend (an Instagram friend to be exact) named Natasha (@ladyyjo) had turned me on to one of her favorite brands: SUNDAY RILEY.

I was excited to learn that the Sunday Riley line has been coveted by beauty lovers for quite some time – how had I never heard of it? Miss Riley has quoted that her products are born from “clean technology” versus the “all natural” method – meaning that, she strives for the creation of products with purified and advanced ingredients that, safely, protect your skin from the likes of clogged pores, aging skin, and hyperpigmentation.

This is the point in my online search, where I went straight to the site to get my shop on. It was this very moment that I found my newest long-term love – The Ceramic Slip Cleanser.

Let's meet the Ceramic Slip Cleanser. This little wonder is the perfect mate for people who have oily to combination skin. If you’re a “blackhead queen” like me and have had trouble in the past eliminating pesky build up in your T-Zone, have no fear - this lusciously creamy cleanser is here to save the day. 

How does this cleanser work that kind of magic? Simple, it’s witchcraft. Obviously I am kidding, or am I? But seriously, Miss Riley has included the following ingredients, which will grant you clearer skin, tighter pores, and promote collagen/ circulation:

  •    French Green Clay: to help tighten your pores
  •    Vitamin C: boosts radiance (It does!!)
  •    Black Pepper (Odd right?): to promote circulation
  •    Sandalwood: antimicrobial helps reduce inflammation, and a zillion other amazing things like helping soothe eczema (WHAT!!!)
  •   Jasmine: Soothing agent, SMELLS LIKE A NEW BORN BABY
  •   Frankencens: natural toner and astringent

I have been using this product 2X a day for the last month and have seen nothing but results. Like seriously, how have I never heard of this line before? Bonus, THEY CURRENTLY RETAIL THROUGH SEPHORA! 

Some of the more noticeable results, from my use, have been: fewer break outs, less sebum production (Byeeee blackheads!!!), and brighter skin. I also have included a picture of my glowing face as an addition to my testimonial for this product:


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