RI Restaurant Stories: Gimme Some Sugar

Sometimes when I've had a 'challenging day' (probably not as challenging as Kris Jenner finding out that her estranged son is now dating the ex-gf of her youngest daughter's current boyfriend, resulting in one helluva Twitter war, but still tough), I need a little sugar. A cheat day, if you will. And I know I'm not alone in this. That's why this week's edition of RI Restaurant Stories is all about three awesome under the radar places to go for the tastiest sweet treats around. #hiddengems #treatyoself

1. Let's start with Sweet Cakes on Kingstown Road in Peace Dale. I was there yesterday afternoon and had the most delicious, and freshest, chocolate chip cookie I've sampled in ages. It was ginormous and this is key, NOT at all burnt on the bottom, a big pet peeve of mine that I see way too often in my travels around the OS. Furthermore, it had the magic number of chips. You know what I'm taking about: Not enough chips and your cookie is disappointing and blah. Too many and it's a sloppy mess, with chocolate everywhere. A pass-the-napkins epic fail. The woman behind the counter was super nice too btw (as someone once said and I quote, "Mean people suck!"). If you haven't been, it's definitely worth a spin over to South County.  PS - They also offer coffee, breakfast and lunch foods, and (from what I hear) excellent wedding cakes.

2. Next, it's Silver Spoon on Main Street in EG. They have a kick-ass Instagram and the cupcakes to back it up, aka, they taste as good IRL as they look online. I've sampled some of their most popular flavors, including the cookie dough, and I will say that they are splurge worthy. No cupcake remorse (aka, when you regret eating a cupcake because it actually tastes like saw dust) here! PS - The space is adorable and there's vino, vino, that means wine. In other words, it's the perfect place to hang on a Friday or Saturday night for that complaint or b*tch fest with your closest friends (as in the list of people I trust is this big  ***Holds up tiny scrap of paper***).

3. Last, but not least - Happy Donut Friday! What? You didn't know that was a thing??? It is...over at Easy Entertaining Cafe in The Rising Sun Mills on Valley Street in PVD. And it involves some of the most outstanding in-house-made donuts you'll ever have. Ever. In fact, the only complaints I've heard have been from people who were too late and walked out empty handed. Get there early (They're open from 8am to 2pm.) or miss out. PS - For all you Type A personalities, I hear you may be able to pre-order donuts a day in advance. If you're not an early bird, that may be the best way to avoid ending up donut-less and dejected. 

Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Thumbnail courtesy of Getty Images. Silver Spoon Bakery photos courtesy of Ashley Farney. All other photos courtesy of the PattyJDotCom Instagram