Baby, It's Freezing Cold Outside: 8 Great Ways To Stay Warm Now That Winter's Here

Chilling out is good. Being chilly is not. 

Chilling out is good. Being chilly is not. 

So, yeah, I was one of those people complaining about the unseasonably warm temps a week or two ago. Of course now, it's pretty cold outside and like everyone else in the vicinity, I'm freezing my *ss off, which has inspired me to put together this list (with a little help from friends and frequent contributors) of ways to stay warm in RI. 

  • the hot chocolate at Brewed Awakenings on Rt. 2 in Warwick (Other standouts include The Coffee Exchange, North Bakery or, for a vegan version, there's Wildflour. I also live for the hot cider at Wildflour. It's damn good.)
  • the hot stone therapy and massage (I could go for one right about now!) at The Spa at The Biltmore 
  • hot soup: Get some miso (or ramen) at Ebisu. It's on the PVD/Cranston line and is a real hidden gem for Japanese tapas. Take someone who appreciates great food in a no frills kind of atmosphere. 
  • take a Bikram class at Boiler House Bikram in the Rising Sun Mills on Valley Street. (My tip/trick for getting the most out of your 90 minutes of yoga poses in a 104 - 105 degree room is to drink 3 to 4 tall glasses of water 1.5 to 2 hours beforehand. That's in addition to the water you'll bring to the actual class. This always helped me adapt to the sky high temps.)
  • the Eucalyptus Steam Room at Urban Sweat/Raffa (I was there last week. It's the next best thing to Bikram. Also fantastic if you have any issues with congestion.)
  • drink a bourbon latte (coffee + aerated milk + bourbon + a dash of cinnamon) or a hot chocolate with Bailey's, any time after 12noon, at New Harvest in the Arcade. (Because sometimes day drinking IS the thing to do during the January, and February for that matter, deep freeze in the OS.)
  • have drinks and dinner with friends, infinitely superior to that Words With Friends game from a few years back that everyone on FB was sending me requests for, in front of the fire. (A few local favs with working fireplaces include The Inn At Castle Hill, Whitehorse Tavern, which boasts about "having served hungry Newporters since 1673", Camille's, and The Duck & Bunny. There's also The Treehouse Tavern, a converted farmhouse in West Warwick, but they're closed thru Jan 25th for a winter vaca. Definitely check them out in February though. They have indoor fireplaces and a nearby 'woodshed' set-up with one too. I've had drinks with friends there a bunch of times.)
  • Speaking of restaurants, I was out for brunch the other day and saw someone wearing high water jeans with loafers and no socks. (He may or may not have been a style blogger?) Stylish, but so NOT ok in January on the East Coast. Especially now that the temps have dipped way below 50. Put on some socks and save that look for April. (Yup, in case you're new here, March can be flipping cold too.) 


Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credit: Photo by JasonCPhoto/iStock/Getty Images