Vaca Vibes: We're Spilling About Why Touring Can Be A Game Changer

Going on our first international tour, we didn't know what to expect. Usually our vacations consist of multiple family members in a villa somewhere secluded. (No strangers.) When going on a tour, who knows who you'll end up with?

Our Collette tour manager, Sergio, made everyone (all 32 guests) feel very comfortable, and really helped everyone feel more connected. He made our trip unforgettable! Also, it helped that every person on the tour was extremely friendly, and genuinely nice. (Everyone says things like that, but in this case, it's actually true.) New friends made? Check.

Each day was a different excursion, and a brand new experience. From Rome, Cassino, and all of the Amalfi coast to Naples. We took in the history of each province, learned about everything (including the Colosseum, the Abbey at Monte Cassinothe mozzarella farm and Greek & Roman ruins in the Italian countryside, and the winery - yesterday's post - near Mt. Vesuvius), gasped over the absolutely amazing views of each town and beachfront, and drooled over the food and wine in Naples!

If we didn't sign up for a tour, we wouldn't have done even half of what we did. Being from Rhode Island, and having such a drastic time change (+6:00), not to mention our overall lack of know-how re: navigating Italy, we probably would have slept in until 10 or 11 everyday, and ventured out for only a few hours before planting ourselves somewhere for cocktails and dinner. We agree then that the Collette tours are the best way to get the most of on your vaca! 

Ciao for Now,

Team Patty J


Photo Credits: Pic of the the Abbey courtesy of @Richmondxdxj