Back To The Future: The Vintage Shop & Micro Theatre To Visit Right Now

I first spotted David & his wife Victoria this past summer at PPAC during the annual Best of RI party. At that moment, I honestly had no clue they were the dynamic duo behind the vintage shop, Podsnapperyand now micro theatre, Galacticon 508 Main Street in Warren, just thought they looked spiffy in their retro red carpet finery. (PS - Their photo's above and they won Editor's Pick for Best Vintage Store.) Now, flash forward to yesterday, when David took a few minutes out of his busy-is-an-understatement schedule, running the store/indie theatre, recording with his band (Sasquatch and the Sick-ABillys), and partnering w/other local businesses for some exciting as h*ll events in and around town, to fill me in. Never been? Or haven't strolled Main Street in a while? Here's my short list of reasons why you should start at their store:


Always on the lookout for awesome, local type tees? You, and your closet, need a Keep Warren Weird one from Podsnappery then. It's classic black and white, so it goes with everything. It's also a great convo starter. Just the thing for eliciting that WTF look, response from people.

Vintage For Guys And Dolls

Shop for yourself or that special someone who lives , and dies, for vintage finds. Everything's organized, not over crowded, and neat as a proverbial pin. (Me likeeeeee!)

Record Albums

Podsnappery's got 'em. The first one we pulled out yesterday was "Sports" by Huey Lewis and the News. Remember how they ruled MTV back in the days when Music Television actually played videos 24/7? (Yup #IAmOld.) How about Toni Basil? Pat Benatar? (Re: Pat as 80's Icon, watch, or rewatch, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and get back to me.) 

Movies & More

Pop in for one of their showings of kitschy shorts and old time-y cartoons. Or, even better, be one step ahead of all your besties, frenemies and/or followers, and throw your next kids' bday party or mini-mixer there. The indie theatre space, recently incorporated into the back of the shop, is perfecto for a small but memorable gathering.

Let's Get Social

For their hours and more incredible info, follow them here:


Ciao for Now,

Patty J



Photo Credits: Photo of Victoria & David courtesy of the Podsnappery Insta; all other pics courtesy of