Holi-dazed & Confused: A Guide To Holiday Glam | Feat. Glossier Black Tie Set

I’m not sure what happened, I blinked and all of a sudden it was November. I mean I don’t know about you, but I feel it was August yesterday. I bid you adieu: warm summer nights, terrace lunches, and sunlight beyond 5 pm. 

I mean, we could sit here and reminisce all day OR we could talk about how to tackle the pending holiday parties/events. If you’re anything like me, you LOVE parties – I mean to the point where you’re fantasizing about the theme, food, or whether or not there will be an open bar (always amazing). 

While we’re over here fantasizing about said parties, a little something always falls through the cracks – that little something is called party attire. There have been countless instances where I’ve waited until just hours before a holiday party to actually decide what I’m going to wear. Usually, I settle with some festive repeat dress, but the harder part follows - knowing how far I want/can take things makeup wise

In my experience, attending work and family parties, I’ve mastered the “fresh faced festive look”. The best way to describe this look is dewy skin with a hint of shine, a pop of sparkle, and a low-key lip. Now, I don’t want to blow your mind, but our good friends at Glossier have provided a one-stop solution to our holiday party prep process

Friends, meet Glossier’s Black Tie Set. Included in the set is the ever-popular Haloscope Highlighter in Moonstone (dreamy), your secret weapon for a dewy shine. I recommend applying the Haloscope Highlighter from the bridge of your cheekbones to your temples and the bridge of your nose. Glossier Eye Pencil (first of its kind) – this shade is a deep black/graphite shade that is said to be flattering to all tones, think of this as your pop of sparkle. A classic wing or smoky eye is easily achieved using this product and BONUS they’ve included a smudge tip! To close the show, Glossier has included their first Gloss (Still dying). I am not a lip gloss kind of person, but for the holidays – hell, I’ll throw down. Fortunately for me, and for anyone else who avoids gloss, this product is rich, shiny, and NOT CRAZY STICKY. I mean, nothing is worse than getting your hair stuck on your lips. 

Now I don’t want to blow your mind any more than it probably already has, but this set also includes polish in the INFAMOUS GLOSSIER PINK. If you follow the brand at all, you’d know just how coveted this color is. So throw that shit on your nails for a fresh, trendy, and flattering manicure! 

So lets get ahead of procrastination, order the Glossier Black Tie Set. I can say confidently that I feel well equipped to take on the holiday party season – more time to think about that open bar, if you know what I mean. Follow the link (here) to learn more about the set and Glossier as a brand! 

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