Food, Drink & Dessert: A Guy's Guide To Thanksgiving

Growing up, Thanksgiving day proceeded in the same rhythm each year. The aroma of homemade cooking. Macy’s parade and college football sharing TV space like a book opened flat on its binding. Dinner was always served on the table with a decorative centerpiece of autumn colors. Nowadays my Thanksgivings are very different. Less of an event, more of a exercise in crafting one’s own traditions. 

This year for my main course I’ll be trying out a recipe from Using a crockpot I’m slow cooking a turkey with herbs, carrots, potatoes, and some broccoli. Crockpots allow you to lock in more of the turkey’s juices which I tend to loose when cooking in the oven. Although if you plan on using the link above try substituting the parsley, sage, and paprika for rosemary. That’s mostly because I enjoy a more earthy tone with my cooking, it’ll also pair better with my wine choices. Serve with sides of mashed potatoes, cornbread, and homemade cranberry sauce.  

While many people might prefer a more multipurpose wine like zinfandel I lean a little more traditionally. Any good host covers their bases with both a white and red wine selection. Make sure you have enough for everyone! Pinot Grigio or a Sauvignon Blanc for something a little drier. Reds are trickier. Pinot Noir hits a broad spectrum of people, Merlot isn’t as popular as you might expect if you’re swayed by your personal bias for it, and everyone seems to have their own opinions about Cabs. Personally my allegiances are with a strong Malbec. I realize it might seem a little wine-snobby, but the Malbec is a complex wine with a uniqueness that is hard to beat. My preferences this year are the pictured: Las Perdices and Antigal. I picked up both at Bottles on Pitman Street.

You can’t go wrong with pumpkin pie, but whatever your desert preference it’ll most likely lean towards a herbal pallet. Because, tis the season. And if you’re a beer drinking resist the urge to go for a pumpkin beer. Instead try something that matches that herbal theme. New Holland’s Ichabod is my personal favorite for seasonal beers! 

For something unexpected to wrap up the night try my Hard Cider Pie. Vanilla ice cream in a tall glass, fill with an hard cider (regular, don’t get fancy with flavored cider). This year I’m going with Citizen Cider from Vermont. Dash cinnamon on top and you’ll have a fantastic treat that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else!

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