10 Things I Have A Beef With In The Gilmore Girls Revival

I always felt badly for Amy Sherman Palladino, the co-creator, producer, and writer behind Gilmore Girls. After all, it must've sucked to have to stand back and watch other people wrap up the show, and story lines, that you essentially poured 6+ years of your life into. (After fighting with the Network, Palladino and her husband, co-creator, producer, and writer, Daniel, left the show before its seventh and final season.) Anyway, that was BEFORE I watched the much hyped (It was everywhere! The only way you could've missed it is if you were, say, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.) new episodes on Netflix this past weekend. Frankly, I feel let down by, and pretty po'ed about, the whole experience and here are a few reasons why:

  1. Paul, Rory's bland, place filler of a boyfriend. We get it. He's boooooooooring!
  2. The whole Rory + Logan (who besides the aforementioned Paul, is my personal pick for the worst of Rory's boyfriends) story arc. Logan just so happens to be living in London and be engaged to another girl. (Rory as the other woman. Again. Remember when she helped break up Dean's first marriage, back in season 4 of the orig. series?) All I can say is Team Jess.
  3. Lane's mom haircut (Poor Lane can't catch a break! Some rock n' roll lifestyle.)
  4. Speaking of which, her husband, and bandmate, Zach has NOT aged well at all. Even Sebastian Bach looked better and he actually IS a real live working musician.
  5. Lorelai being inspired by Cheryl Strayed's book Wild to find herself (aka, figure things out with Luke) by flying out to California to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. This from a woman who prides herself on binge eating junk food and binge watching junk tv? Come. On. Totally out of character. (A good opportunity tho for a cameo from Lauren Graham's real life boyfriend, and Parenthood co-star, Peter Krause. He's the park ranger who hassles her about NOT being able to produce a permit for her hike.)
  6. Those corny musical numbers (SMH) 
  7. Taylor's (completely pointless) Stars Hollow Musical, which in retrospect seemed like just an excuse to throw Younger's Sutton Foster (Love that showbtw!) into the mix. (Serious Amy Sherman Palladino fans will remember Sutton from Sherman's short-lived post GG tv show, Bunheads.)
  8. Laura Palmer's creepy father from Twin Peaks & Fire Walk With Me (Ray Wise) as Emily's friend/boyfriend Jack in Episode 3 (ICK!)
  9. Luke's hair during the secret, night-before-the-wedding ceremony at the town gazebo. It looked like something out of those 90's infomercials where they used to spray paint bald spots to camo them. So BAD. (And you mean to tell me Sookie would NOT have been there? Y'ok.)
  10. Those last four words! And who leaked them to the media before the premiere? W-T-F. I'd seen a story about Rory being pregnant making the rounds last week and dismissed it. I mean, it made zero sense. Rory was always the old soul, the responsible one to Lorelai's smarty pants rebel with a heart of gold. Unless they're some sort of segue to additional episodes, judging by the comment threads I've been stalking since last Friday, there are going to be a lot of unhappy GG fans out there for a long time. Myself included.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Gilmore Girls DVD Boxed Sets photo courtesy of me ;) Gilmore Girls Revival photo courtesy of Netflix