But First, Taco Thursday: People Can't Get Enough Of This Hidden Gem

Taco Thursday is a thing. So's Comfort food. (Everyone knows someone who's been noshing non-stop this election week.) Put everything together and it can only mean one thing - a trip to Tio Mateo's.

Never heard of them? If you live in East Greenwich, no doubt you have. Tucked away behind Main Street, in a bright, updated space that in a past life, used to be a garage (shades of PVD's The Slow Rhode), it's a go-to for sooo many in the vicinity. After a tip from one of my friends with roots in EG, who also happens to be a serious taco aficionado, I motored over to TM and had the best Mexican food I've had in for-evv! (My friend says emphatically that Tio Mateos is the best Mexican in the state.)

Need more reasons? How about their Burrito of the Week (which they usually post over on Instagram), the El Mateo Supremo (We know someone else who practically lives on these.), the Seven Layer Dip, the Tostada Salad (Think unwrapped burrito, for those times you want something a little lighter.), the Quesadillas (in a word, great), and before I forget, the house-made citrus Iced tea & cookies by the register. 

Oh yeah, it's actually 2 restaurants under one roof. There's also Greenwich Bay Gourmet, which has a completely separate menu. My EG friend swears by GBG's chicken pot pie (She says it's "literally heaven".). Then, there was the time her family ordered takeout and ended up leaving one of the bags behind. The owner proceeded to drove over and deliver said bag directly to their front door. Sounds like top shelf customer service to me.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J