Keep Your Friends Close & Keep Your Pizza Closer

Two people who spend an hour pushing thru cardio, and an episode of House Hunters on HGTV (There's NEVER anything good on tv and that goes double for the tv's at the gym!), only to go out for pizza immediately following?

Hell. Yes. 

So, this is about pizza. Now, I will woof down a mediocre pizza, but I won't blog, update, Insta Story, Tweet or otherwise post about it. That's how you can tell I'm a fan of Fellini's in Pawtuxet Village, (known as simply The Village to people who live and work there). Also, Nic was having a pizza crisis. She used to swear by this one place, but now she's OVER them. (#bye) I mean, change is good, but it can be freakin scary because - What's next?

After I took her to Fellini's the other night tho and she saw our salads and pizza (#enormous) with lots of fresh arugula (and tomato, and cheese) on top, and tried them, she became a convert. And, for the record, before we even settled the check or walked out the door, she was on the phone, making plans to go back. 

*Friends also swear by their eggplant app, that Thanksgiving pizza pie (We missed it - Next year for sure!), al fresco dining during the summer (Affirmative.), and those craft beers that everyone's always raving about. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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