Drinks & Clinks: The Slow Rhode

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night...

Dateline: St. Patrick's Eve (aka, last night)

Heck yeah, I'm Irish, but I usually forget to wear green on March 17th and the one and only time I ever did multiple shots of whiskey, I ended up with a bad case of the bed spins. That's probably why instead of this being a post about Irish whiskey, soda bread or green beer, it's actually about The Slow Rhode on the West Side of Providence, which has been open for a while, but if you haven't been yet, it's still new to you, right? I ended up there last night while trying to scope out Irish bars and such in the capital city and I couldn't be happier about it. 

Right next door to Long Live Brewery (To check out the blog about them, click here.), and from the same people who bring you Broadway Bistro on the reg, SR is a dark, charming little spot*, somewhere to definitely bring a first date or a small group of your friends for drinks and picky bits like their snacks, small plates, burgers, etc. (Broadway Bistro, by comparison, is somewhere you'd bring that person you're already involved with, especially if you're trying to rekindle a spark or something. It's a dimly lit, small space too, but with more of a sexy, romantic vibe.)

True story, I had a mild dose of social anxiety after walking in because it was pretty packed - and on a Wednesday night no less! There were also quite a few young-ish, hipster-y peeps (Q: What's with this wearing knit hats indoors? I mean, it's not even that cold out anymore. Come. On. It's frigging March.), but since I had on my new oversized black glasses, and a Levi's jacket that dates back at least 25 years, I feel like I kinda blended in. (It may be time to pull that 'vintage' leather Coach bag out of the back of your closet for your visit here. It is a serious trend for Spring 2016 and everyone from Lucky magazine co-founder/lifestyle blogger Kim France to Barneys is gushing about them these days.)

Despite the crowd, we scored a table for two in the middle of the restaurant. (Chalking that up to the luck of the Irish...Maybe.) It was then I got a glimpse of their tiny menu with its even tinier print, my only complaint about Slow Rhode. Those new glasses of mine? They're for distance, k? After struggling for a minute or two, I was finally able to focus and I ordered their vodka cocktail, much needed after the clock change this week and the loss of sleep that came along with it. SR has a strong bar menu, featuring mixed drinks, wine, and beers galore and I probably would have sampled more if I didn't have to go home and be conscious for a few more hours (for blogging, laundry, tonight's episode of Watch What Happens Live...you know, the usual). 

Also, thrilled to report that there are many delicious things to enjoy food wise while you're sipping your drink. I'm obsessed with their french fries (not too thick and just the right amount of crispy) and their 'veg' options - a mini broccoli casserole, a rice, beans & sweet potato dish, and a yummy roasted cauliflower something or other with beet hummus. I ordered and devoured all three in record time. (Can we talk about how rare it is to find any vegetarian options on bar menus?) Before you start judging me, let me say that: I'm not one of those girls who doesn't eat. And one drink on an empty stomach and I'm drunk-y drunk. 

*If you look real close and start obsessing over the space (I have been known to obsess on occasion.), you can tell that it used to be a garage. Once you start drinking and eating however, all of that starts to fade. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of me