10 Places To Go In Newport This Spring

Now that we've made it past the annual early spring snowstorm that went down last Monday, it's time to talk fewer layers (Although your mom was right - Always bring a sweater! A/C can be frigging intense.), warmer temps, and crossing the bridge to Newport, RI. Sure you're already familiar with the Tennis Hall of Fame, the Mansions (If you've never toured Rosecliff, do it! You'll freak over how gorgeous it is. I almost cried.), and the Red Parrot, but how about these places to see, and be seen at, in The City by the Sea?

  1. Empire Tea & Coffee, Broadway and William St locations: Their lattes are everything! I was in Newport for a few days last week and made multiple stops at their original location on Broadway. Full disclosure, it was my intern last summer, Ashley, who first introduced me. Been a #fangirl ever since tho. My only beef would be the woman with the British accent behind the counter the other morning who got pissy with me when I tried to order a grande, instead of a medium, latte. What. Ever. Queen Bee. (PS - Coffee's so good I'm wiling to put up with a little 'tude.)
  2. Scales & Shells: Tucked away on Thames, it's a top restaurant pick of many locals and more than a few contributors to this blog, including Mary Colburn, rock star aesthetician and Julianne Moore doppelganger, who recommends ordering the Little Necks Roberto and the Lobster Fra Diavolo for two. (Her other go-to for seafood is Matunuck Oyster Bar bien sur. Not shocking. I ate there last week and the oysters, calamari, and salmon were incredible.)
  3. The Bodhi Spa: Need a do over for those beach bod resolutions from New Year's? Jump start them with the Water Therapy treatment here, a series of soaks in two different hot pools, followed by quick cold plunges in a 30 degree mini pool (I struggled with that part big time.) and short, cool showers. Then, you get time in the infrared sauna (I'm #obsessed!), after, finally, unwinding in their traditional steam room or sauna. The place is wellness luxe at its finest, without being at all snooty. (You can also get other treatments there like massage or total body exfoliation, if that's more your thing.)
  4. Raw Power Juice Bar: If you're vegetarian or vegan, this spot should be a definite addition to your Newport agenda. A few steps down from Empire Tea & Coffee on Broadway (That whole block is kinda crunchy granola hipster btw.) is where you'll find them and their kick-ass sweet potato fries (not fried but baked I believe), smoothies, veggie burgers, and more. My problem with the majority of veggie burger options floating around in the ether these days is that they are often little more than dry, tasteless hockey pucks in a bun. The ones are RPJB are both juicy and yummy, the holy grail of meatless burgers for sure. 
  5. "Diego's is a west coast styled Mexican restaurant and it is one of the coolest places to eat. A must? Their gazpacho this past summer was to die for, and being a tequila lover, I'm obsessed with their blood orange margaritas. Diego's is the kind of place to go, grab a drink with a friend, and chat over chips and guac while just relaxing." Meg Mattera, owner of the new boutique Rose in Wakefield, RI (Coming soon - watch for it!)
  6. Perro Salado: Another uber popular spot among the locals, this time for drinks and apps. Order their Spicy Cucumber Margarita, a personal favorito of Rachel Lessne, eco-conscious model, retailer, and spicy food and drink lover.
  7. Newport Vineyards: "A fabulous way to spend a day with friends. For $12, you get to sample 5 different wines and tour the vineyard. We chose to do wine by the glass after our tasting and purchased cheese & crackers from the food stand to enjoy as we sat outside." Lindsay Raposa, Ocean State and Instagram It Girl
  8. "I still ride my Harley Road King in RI. My favorite ride is to Newport, along Ocean Drive." Todd Hart, Ordained Minister, TV Host and 'Oil Guy'
  9. /10.  "I always swing by Island Outfitters (located on the Cape too) as well as Sara Campbell - whether I'm looking for a cashmere wrap or a fun new top or skirt - I can get it all there."  Sarah Wiliams of Spoiled Sports, the brand new line of fun, preppy tennis togs for women, girls, and boys. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credit: Photo by Studio-1/iStock /Getty Images