Destination RI: So You Wanna Stay At A Lighthouse

So, you've always wanted to stay in a lighthouse? Me too! And last night, I did just that. (And I dragged Nicole along. Because, honestly, who really wants to stay alone on an island?)

If you're curious, here's a timeline of our prep and journey. (We weren't quite sure about what to expect ourselves and thought you would appreciate some insider info and insight, especially if you're currently entertaining the idea or have ever dreamed about doing it.)


First, someone from the Lighthouse Foundation will have already emailed instructions and a parking pass to print out and put in your car window (for when you get to the designated lot/drop off point). Well, we didn't realize this last oh-so-important part until we were already en route, so we had to turn around about 20 minutes into our trip, make a pit stop at Staples, and spend $9.12 to use their laptop and printer, for literally 2-3 minutes, to get a hard copy of our pass. 

If you read the blog and decide to have the experience of a lifetime, with views you can't begin to imagine - we recommend booking a stay in the summer when temps will be warm and toasty and pleasant. If you stay in early spring (like us), pack jackets, scarves, gloves, and blankets. Why? Because the wind off the ocean is FREEZING. NOTE: We didn't do a very good job of this, so learn from our mistake. Brrrrrrrr


Go to RAW POWER JUICE BAR for lunch and order everything on the menu (Yes, we did do a good job of this.). Sweet potato fries, black bean burgers, hummus and chips, rice bowl and soup! Don't forget that you're staying in a lighthouse built in 1870, so there's no room, or turn down, service. Get takeout, snacks, and water and bring it with you for dinner and/or breakfast the next morning. 

Get coffee'd up as well. No coffee shops where we're going. So NOT looking forward to the caffeine withdrawal headaches the next morning when we wake up to no java. 

Arrive at the "Lobster Yard", as we like to call it. YES, we got to travel by lobster boat with a gentleman named Chris. He was super sweet, told us everything we needed know about the surrounding water and Island, and also helped carry our bags. Once we got to the island, the scenery made it all worth it. (Pictures or it didn't happen...For more pics, check out PattyJDotCom over on Instagram.)

After the island and lighthouse tour though, we thought to ourselves 'What now.....???'

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow.. you are not going to want to miss this ;) 

Patty J & Nicole


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of us. Seriously.