Donut You Want To Go To The New PVDonuts Storefront This Weekend?

Tomorrow's the official opening of the brand-y new PVDonuts storefront on Allens Ave. in Providence. We were lucky enough to grab a few of the Golden Tickets to their super #secret soft opening last night though. Translation? I've been stalking their Instagram for months (If you're not following them, you're missing out in a big way!) and literally rushed thru dinner at one of my all time fav eateries in RI in order to get over to Lippitt Park on Wednesday for the coveted pre-grand opening tix, entitling us to be among the first peeps at their space and (most importantly) purchase extra special donuts made just for the occasion. 

So, besides having style - Absolutely LOVE their signature bandana headbands in the photo above. - the ladies from PVDonuts hand make one heck of a delicious donut! We arrived early (They opened their doors at 6pm.) and hung out outside with a bunch of other people who, like us, had hit the pastry lottery and scored Golden Tix. Once inside, our options were the Strawberry Champagne, with slices of real strawberry on top, (#cheers) or the frosted Vanilla, with sprinkles on top (#yolo). We inhaled one of each and could've probably polished off another half dozen easily. #definitelynotsorry

Oh yeah, when you go this weekend, be sure to get your BFF, significant other, or Uber driver to take a pic of you and your donut of choice in front of 'the donut wall'. It's going to be THE hot spot to Instagram from this summer. Seriously. (And remember - you heard about it first right here!)

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Most of the photos here are courtesy of contributor and Aerin Lauder doppelganger, Grace.