Destination RI: The Culinary Arts Museum at JWU

First off, let me just say that I am not a fan of the term "foodie" (although I do cop to overusing it when I go to town with hashtags on Instagram). Regardless of what you may call yourself, however, if you live to eat or cook, or maybe both, a trip to the Culinary Arts Museum at JWU at Harborside Blvd is an absolute must.

Yesterday, I was lucky to be part of a group that got to see (and sample) a special pickling demo, by two skilled and accomplished JWU students (For the record, best pickles I've ever tasted in my whole, entire life. Supermarket chain store bought ones got nothin' on these!), in the Museum's Diner, called Moody's btw. A real treat! And, honestly, I could've probably done a whole how-to post today, about making your own pickles at home, but since I only cook scrambled eggs and toast, and have zero plans to expand my repertoire any time soon (As a friend recently informed me, my real talent has to do with dining out, not cooking.), thought I'd share some of the other treasures I stumbled across at the CAM instead:

  • Adjacent to Moody's, as part of their Diners: Still Cookin in the 21st Century, you'll also see the legendary Ever Ready Diner, whose last known address, many moons ago, was Admiral Street in PVD. I highly recommend checking it out for yourself (So well preserved.) and, if at all possible, chatting with Collections Mgr. Erin Williams & Director/Curator - and diner expert extraordinaire - Richard J.S. Gutman.
  • For all my fellow Kennedy fam fans (#americanroyalty), the Museum has a display that features artifacts from JFK's favorite restaurant and chef in DC as well as a State Dinner menu from his White House, featuring his all time fav meal. (You'll have to go to find out the deets.) And I hear that the Museum is working on expanding their White House Vignettes because they have so many amazing antiquities to showcase. Stay tuned. 
  • Did you know....Sinatra had his own sauce or gravy (because...I don't want to argue about which word is correct) at one point? The Museum happens to have the indisputable evidence to prove it. (They also have artifacts from all the national brands you, or your parents and grandparents, probably grew up with.)
  • Do you scream for ice cream? There's an ice cream parlor set-up, part of their Sweet Success exhibit, that dates all the way back to the early 1900's. #coffeecabinetsforever
  • Are you a lover of food and art? Check out their From Paper to Plate exhibit, showcasing the cooking and foodstuff related sketches, paintings & drawings of uber talented JWU undergrad Will Brown. (You will be impressed.)

There's so much more to see (especially Rhody related, from a Biltmore Hotel collection to the original sign from Camille's Roman Garden, now shortened to simply Camille's, on The Hill in Providence.) that I say block off an entire afternoon to spend exploring this #hiddengem. You'll be glad you did.


Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of me