On The Farm In RI: Hey, It's Strawberry Picking Season

The other day, while waiting in line for a latte at a local coffee shop, I spied a table with a bunch of baskets of local strawberries for sale. Lightbulb moment, for sure. Despite being born and raised in the city (I lived on The West Side of PVD, in a house that was in my family for close to 100 years, before it was hep.), pretty proud that I was able to make the connection, about it being strawberry picking season in the OS and all. 

Now, good thing N. Johna was with me yesterday because if I had gone strawberry picking by my lonesome that would have been just plain sad, right? So, for starters, this is most definitely a group activity that the kiddies, or your resident kid at heart, will love. If you're ghostly pale like me, and even if you're not, use that sunscreen that's probably at the very bottom of your bathroom drawer or tote bag right now. (Remember to check that expiration date too or you could find yourself lobster red for the next week or two. Not a good look.) It's also a great excuse to wear the big, floppy hat you bought the year before last, but haven't gotten around to wearing because it screams 'Notice me.' Wear it, own it, and move on! And I personally have a love/hate relationship with boyfriend jeans because they're super comfy for things like squatting in a field and plucking strawberries, but unflattering to the max to the backside, if you get my drift. #ihaveajlobutt

We went to Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown, which is postcard perfect for pic taking, whether you have little ones or an Insta that you're trying hard to ramp up the following on, and everything else. In case you haven't been to Middletown in a while, know that you will have to go over The Bridge. (Question I keep asking myself every single time I cross The Bridge: Why don't I have a freakin EZ Pass?!?!) In addition, try to plan your excursion, so that you miss the rush hour traffic heading back to the PVD area. We didn't, but would do it all over again because the strawberries were so delicious. Swear to Lady Gaga. PS - We went with the larger of the two containers for filling, approx $10-11, but the smaller, for around $5-6, fits a lot of berries, so don't sweat it. 

If you're someone who'd rather sit it out on the sidelines and eat fresh, local strawberries rather than be out in the fields picking them, you should head over to their Cafe/Market, where you'll find beaucoup pre-picked berries, cold beverages, prepared foods, bread, cards and gifts (If you're a dog person, you'll want to buy up every greeting card.), and much more. And, you could always spend the day hanging out at the Cafe (There's indoor and outdoor seating.), then buy a few containers of berries on your way out, and tell everyone you picked them. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of PattyJ.com; For more pics, click over to the PattyJDotCom Instagram.