My RI Life: Student, Fashion Connoisseur & Foodie Cody Stevens

Student and fashion connoisseur by day and foodie at night. That’s my life, I am constantly inspired and driven by the unique world around me, which has influenced my style, which has in turn influenced where I choose to eat.

Living in Rhode Island has made it extremely hard to choose just one favorite place to dine. This small state is just teeming with incredible places to eat and shop! So instead of giving myself a headache trying to pick just one favorite, I'll give you a run down of some of my favorites. If you’re in the mood for Mexican food (like I always am), you should try El Rancho Grande, home to my favorite La Playa tacos and taquitos, oh! And this place is also home to one of the best margaritas I’ve ever tried. The café at Easy Entertaining would be another go-to spot for an incredible local breakfast or lunch. The team at EE is always on the hunt for new mouthwatering items to place on their seasonal menus, such as my favorite, the Katie fried chicken sandwich. Now let's cross over to the East Side of Providence to Den Den, an unbelievably good place for Asian cuisine. Be sure to get the hot stone Bibimbap. You won't be disappointed. The last place I'll talk about is The Dorrance, home to some of the best oysters I’ve ever had the chance to try. Also, try their citrus shrimp and risotto, exquisite!

Before you go try these incredible restaurants, make sure you go hunting for what you want to wear at Leviathan Exchange in Providence or Plato's Closet in Warwick. I always end up finding pieces I wouldn’t have ever imagined I'd find. You can pick up some real gems at these places. I always try to buy a full outfit - shirt, pants and shoes, with one of the items being unique and loud. Stick to this simple rule when shopping either at these fabulous thrift stores or at the Providence Place mall, which is home to Zaraone of my go-to stores for basic and sometimes - if I'm feeling like it - wild pieces! 

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Photo Credits: Den Den pics by Ashley Farney. Photos of El Rancho Grande courtesy of Richmond Jeffrey. Photos and logo's from Leviathan and Plato's Closet were found on their FB pages. Additional restaurant photos courtesy of All other pics provided by Cody Stevens.