End Of Summer Dining & Lip Game: Spice It Up At Bacaro

It all started when someone gave us a Bacaro gift card...We went back for din din last night and realized there's so much we need to share asap, including:

  1. End of summer need to spice up your constant nude lip game. Solution - MAC Rebel Lipstick with Nightingale Liner. #sopretty
  2. Wear your cutest sundress, whether it's Anthro or legit vintage.
  3. It's come to our attention that many don't know Bacaro has a (summer) patio. You'll want to dine there before it gets shut down for the fall/winter.
  4. Their pizza is a must! (They're super famous for it.)
  5. Make your own board - You know what you like!
  6. Who doesn't LOVE lemon? Order some pasta with lemony aioli. 
  7. Get the Cioppino too - nice and light for the remaining days of summer 2016.
  8. Keep an eye on that one friend who wants to SnapChat or FB Live Broadcast absolutely everything. 
  9. Stop that other friend, who gets drunk-y drunk on only 2 glasses of wine, from posting ugly selfies. (It's the decent thing to do.)
  10. Top off the night with a nice Espresso Martini. #yum

Team Patty J


Photo Credits: MAC Lipstick photo courtesy of their site. All other photos courtesy of PattyJ.com. For more cool pix, check out the PattyJDotCom Insta.