Shake It Off: Highlights From Our Spa Day In Newport

Blogging this while on my third cup of detox tea, a choice inspired no doubt by our recent afternoon at (Hotel) Viking's SpaFjor, which is adjacent to the pool and the fitness center. (Blink and maybe you missed it?)

The chandelier in the waiting room is a real beaut (Glam meets tranquil.), but gotta say, those combination lockers where you stash your clothing, shoes, and bag give me agita. Good thing I could delegate that whole come up with your combination business to someone else in our group. #notanumbersperson

Last winter, I got a tour of the Spa. (That's when and where I snapped the photo above, of the tub with the flower petals. Pretty kewl, right?) Last Saturday, I returned, with a few peeps in tow, and had chance to indulge in some of the services. 

I kicked things off with 30 minutes in the Infrared Sauna, which is supposed to be anti-aging (Check!), anti-cellulite (Check, we all have it!) and anti-inflammatory (Check-y check for pro healing). Sweating up a storm at around 130 degrees is also a marvelous way to atone after having chowed down on lots of rich foods, like truffle fries and mac & cheese, at din din in PVD the night before. #detox

Next, a pedi and a mani. Sandal season might be coming to a close, but if you think that's a reason to skip pedicures, you'd be mistaken. Avoid an anxiety attack of epic proportions (either next spring or before your next vaca where you will most likely have to go barefoot on the beach) by continuing to get your feet done all year. Also, I adore how, once your nails are done, SpaFjor gives you a goodie bag that includes a bottle of your polish. Genius! Aka, Perfect for any future touch ups you might need to do.

Now, I've shied away from facials since my nose job a few years ago (out of fear of anyone pressing down on my nose too hard, #lovemynewnose), but B. got a dermabrasion type treatment there that she was obsessed with. And her face didn't look the least bit beet red. As a matter of fact, she went right from the spa to an event in PVD that night.

Finally, I believe in massages and consider them equally as important as exercise when it comes to health and wellness. Of course, that being said, can't remember the last time I actually had one. So, there were no arguments when I found out I was scheduled for one. Full Disclosure: the only thing that would have made mine better would have been a nice nap, on the heated table, immediately following. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos, except Infrared Sauna, courtesy of Infrared from the SpaFjor Instagram.