Oh Baby: It's Pepper's Closet, The New Line Of Onsies, T-Shirts & Prints

I had a daughter in March and my husband and I started Pepper's Closet in June. We were first inspired to create clothing for our daughter, Pepper, after seeing the options at the big retailers. We were both less than thrilled to don our daughter in a onesie that said something along the lines of “Feed me and tell me I’m pretty."

My husband is always making something, so the idea to make clothes more in line with our values soon came to fruition. He began illustrating some new designs while I set to work doing the business and marketing. Spike's (my husband) background in marine sciences has been the major influence in the subject matter. We wanted our designs to inspire fun, imagination, curiosity and the strange ways in which the world can interact with itself. Not long after we produced our first run of onesies, we began to get stopped almost everywhere we went and asked where we found Pepper’s clothing. We decided to begin selling onesies and soon after we expanded to child and adult sizes.

The response from the community has been overwhelming and we are grateful to be able to share our love for nature and art. We are always working on new designs and our excitement multiplies, as we are able to collaborate with local businesses. Look out for Pepper’s Closet Co’s products in a store near you and, as Mrs. Frizzle (one of my personal heroes) says, “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy.” #pepperscloset

Add A Dash Of 'Pepper' To Your Life

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Photo Credits: All pics courtesy of Elizabeth Stone