It's Diner Time: Another Fab One To Frequent

Are You A Diner Coffee Junkie?

I love a great diner (also pretty picky about the quality of the food I eat) and this one's a keeper! As is usually the case with spots like this, we literally stumbled on the Blue Plate in Middletown, after driving for almost a half hour, desperately in search of caffeine and a real, not from a chain restaurant, meal in the area. None of the plates, or cups, are blue, but the interior is retro American classic (like a denim jacket...lots of chrome, a jukebox, and a swell lunch counter) cool and super clean. We popped in in the late afternoon, after the lunch rush, but before the dinner crowd. The service was marvelous, which I want to applaud and underscore since we've been dismissed or ignored in other eateries with only a few other peeps in the joint, during down time or a lull. SMH

As for the drink and food, the coffee was fantastic (Think I had 3 cups? Maybe more?) and our burger (not mine!), eggs (mine), oatmeal (mine), and pancakes (mine again...I was HANGRY!) were fresh and delish. No grease whatsoever, which is one of the very possible pitfalls of diner eats. I've also heard other people raving about their hot chocolate and pies and cakes. So appealing then for all your dining and Insta(gramming) needs this winter and beyond.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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