Southern Charming: The Cafe You'll Adore So Matcha

Usually, when I'm traveling, I get impatient when it comes to coffee (Those withdrawal migraines kick in quick!) and snacks, and end up sprinting to the closest Starbucks or something. This time though, I decided to do some research, via Google and Insta of course, and try to find FLA equivalents for a few of my favs back in RI - Wildflour Bakery & Cafe and Benefit Juice Bar come to mind immediately. (There are others.)

The Seed in Boca is pretty darn close to what I was looking for. It's modern rustic (Think Harrison Ford - in his struggling actor, carpenter hey day - meets HGTV) and they do roast their own beans in house, with an extensive coffee menu that includes everything from classic brews to cold nitro. Then there are the vegan pastries (We had the quiche and my non-vegan coffee buddy loved it, which kind of says it all, doesn't it?) and the smoothies (lots of options). Next, you can choose between things like fresh juice and an acai (now trending in the Ocean State), pitaya or matcha (soon to be trending in the OS) bowl.

For the record, I had the matcha, which was healthy, yummy, and photogenic. Good time to mention the rule of three (for snapping food pics) again. In other words, the dish in question must contain three distinct colors (min) in order for the resulting photo to be appealing. Maybe I co-opted this from Chrissy Teigen? No matter. It's super helpful to keep in mind when you're deciding whether or not any given meal or snack is social media worthy. In this case, it was and worked because of the matcha, coconut, granola, banana, dried cranberries, and seeds - all bringing the color and texture to the table and the composition.

Anywho, fairly certain matcha bowls are the NEXT big food trend heading our way and that The Seed is beyond popular. Especially because even with it being a mid Monday afternoon, we thought for sec (yesterday) that we might NOT get seats. Thankfully, there's a communal (indoor) table as well as outdoor seating. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Patty