Baby It's Cold Outside: 5 Ways To Stay Warm Now That Winter's Really Here

Last I looked temps were in the 20's, snow was in the forecast for the next three days, and those high water jeans & bare ankles that all the fashion bloggers are sporting online seem more ridic by the second. So, skip those and find out more ways to stay toasty during the current deep freeze:

  1. Shared this on Facebook already, but it's worth repeating - Cocoa Fest 2017 at The Shop Providence starts now. There's a brand new flavor every week. This week's? Peanut Butter Cup. #soexcited
  2. Seek out restaurants with working fireplaces, including Pastiche, The Duck & Bunny, the bar at The OH in WH (A woman wielding a lg stroller sans baby, and an LV bag perched on top, almost pushed me in to that one after the Christmas Tree lighting last month, but I digress...), Camille's, and the White Horse Tavern.
  3. Can't get near a fireplace? Try some warming oil to take the chill out. You can find a bunch of different options online to use as energizing aromatherapy and/or bath and body treatments. Or make your own. (Click here for a recipe.)
  4. Infrared Sauna. If not now, when? I mean, January in RI is THE time! It's a fantastic way to heat up and have a good sweat, which will make you feel a little lighter and a lot more relaxed, especially after you've probably had a mini anxiety attack over your Xmas and New Year's related cc statement. Find one at Raffa's Urban Sweat in Cranston, Bodhi Spa in Newport, and most of the hotels in the area that offer in-house spas.
  5. Embrace hat hair. Now, I'm far from crafty, and it's way too late in the season for any of us to learn how to knit and subsequently, make anything presentable for this winter. Also, the other night I saw a cute cashmere beanie on sale for $79. Come freakin on, it's a hat for pete's sake! What to do? Reconnect with that friend who knits like a pro and barter or bribe them (The hot chocolate or a night out at one of the restaurants with a fireplace would work nicely.) and maybe they'll make one for you.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J