Get Lost: The Time We Wandered Out Of The Tourist Zone

Traveling can, at times, be a mix of intimidating and tricky. Sometimes we feel unsure and uncomfortable about venturing off into the local sections and end up staying in the neighborhoods full of other tourists. Last October, however, when we returned to Rome to spend a few extra days, after our tour of the Amalfi Coast had wrapped, we were feeling brave, so we ventured into the area in the vicinity of Via Del Boschetto, and absolutely loved it!

Think Wickenden Street and Broadway (both) in Providence, add in some West Village (NYC), and this is what you get: Via Del Boschetto is filled with vintage stores, cute cafes (Predating the current La Croix obsession in the States, fizzy water seemed to dominate the non-alcoholic beverage menus at most of the eateries we visited.), many bars (American Translation? Essentially coffee shops that also serve wine, pretty much the norm over there. Also highly recommending them btw.), consignment shops, handcrafted jewelry boutiques...sooo many gems! We found out afterwards that that street has been named one of the best in Rome (in one of the trendiest parts of the city, called Monti) for shopping and such by everyone from Conde Nast editors to bloggers and shopaholics worlwide. It's also in the vicinity of the Colosseum, but about as far from tourist-y as you can get.

Some advice for your next trip abroad - step out of the tourist zone, and find yourself some local. Rome is a walking city and (from what we experienced) super safe, with mild weather this time of year to boot. Bring along a cute pair of sneakers, a portable I-Phone charger, a great pair of sunnies, and you'll be set!

Team Patty J


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