7 Best Tips For Making Your Work Commute Way Less Annoying

There's no glossing it over. Whether you're riding the rails or getting behind the wheel, commuting is mostly a chaotic mix of aggravating delays and traffic, forgetting stuff (either back home or on the train), and trying not to spill coffee or water while you're in motion. So, today we're spilling the tea about making your next commute less stressful. We talked with a group of local ppl who log beaucoup hours back and forth every week and these are some of their best, no BS tips.

On The Train

1. Get Social: Because what's better than being on social media when no one else is (because they're all probably still in bed)? But don't Instagram at 5 am, you won't get any likes!

2. Text People Until Someone Answers: Didn't anyone ever teach you NOT to give up? Go right ahead and bug your family and friends until one of them texts back.

3. Make A Train Friend: It'll change your life. The rides go by sooo much faster. Especially if, like us, you love to talk! If, on the other hand, you don't want anyone talking to you, put on your headphones, basically saying, "Yo, relax, it's 6 am."

4. Go On IG Or Pinterest And Read Inspirational Quotes To Make You Feel Better About Why You're Commuting 3+ Hours A Day: Or say a little prayer - "God, please help me get a job making an effin ton of money. Or help me hit the lottery."

Last Resort: When the train is so crowded you're standing and sweating (with zero room to move) and you're wondering why the F you do it everyday and pay over $300 a month for the privilege, take a few deep breathes and tell yourself it's only X amount of days till the weekend (drinks) and payday (shopping)!

In The Car

1. A Favorite Pod Cast: Or just a straight jam. Then watch people look at you like you're either going through a crazy breakup or you want to smash a window. Nope, just jamming. 

2. An XL Coffee From Your Go-To Place: For the car only, not the train because you won't want to use the bathrooms! (So much so that you avoid drinking anything for hours before your next trip. THIS IS TRUE, TAKE OUR ADVICE! Where's the puke emoji when we need it?)

3. A Fully Charged Phone Battery Or A Car Charger: Of course we know that texting while driving is life threatening, but there's still navigation (Waze), music (Spotify), and podcasts (again, Spotify). 

**There's really nothing else you can do in the car...Sorry.**

Team Patty J