Should You Buy Your Boss Something & Other Holiday Gift Snags (Solved)

What do you buy the girl who sits in the cube next to you? What about your #girlboss? Or that girlfriend who has everything? If you are like me, finding the perfect gift is a challenge I embrace. There's nothing more satisfying than watching the expression on someone’s face when you present them with an item they didn’t know they needed or would love so much. When I opened the store, this challenge became so much easier. (I know, I am cheating.) This year I have pulled together my favorites for those ladies we love to cherish.

For Your Work Friend

When I was in the corporate world I had a handful of work friends that helped me with everything from coordinating dinners, to travel, to finding the perfect journal (Little known fact, I have an obsession with journals and typically have 6 or 7 in my office waiting to be filled with notes and to-do’s.). For that work friend who just knows how to help you with that ever-growing list of daily tasks, I suggest these simple but distinctive paper organizers. Somehow the pinkish hue of the to-do lists makes any list seem a bit easier to tackle. 

For the #GirlBoss

Let’s face it, the question “Do you buy your boss a gift?” is something we debate every year. My advice, if you love your boss, show her the love. To this day, I still use the card holder my Director gave me. It makes me smile every time I reach into my wallet to grab a business card for someone. Add this amazing ceramic mug and trinket plate and you will find these beauties will find a spot on her desk permanently.

For The Girlfriend Who Has It All

We all have those friends who have the latest iPhone, handbag or jeans. What do you get your favorite Diva? I love stuffing a makeup bag with those favorites she will use every day. The latest lipstick (LipSense is a great lip stain that stays on for 18-24 hours and there are lots of colors to choose from.), her favorite candle in a travel size, a new case for that iPhone and a piece of jewelry, so she can remember you every time she puts it on. For me, these are items I always appreciate and love receiving. 

One last thought as we approach the 2017 holiday season. Remember to be kind, treat others as you would like to be treated and have fun! We are all very serious throughout the year and this is a time of year that spreading cheer can be the best gift ever!

If you would like any of these items for your favorite girl, shop at or visit Robin’s store at 5600 Post Road, East Greenwich, RI. 

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In 2015, CEO Robin Barrett Wilson founded and launched her boutique and clothing line.  As an executive in the retail and tech industries, where first impressions are key, robin discovered a hole in the market for luxurious garments at an affordable price. Taking from her background in fashion and retail, coupled with inspiration from classic icons, she developed a line of timeless pieces for the modern woman. With a promise to produce high quality, premium garments, our collection is made in the US, so each piece gets the attention it deserves. As a women-owned and run company, we strive to empower women. Our tagline b. timeless, b.classic,! is one we hope you will embrace with us.