If You Live For Summer In The OS, You'll Want To Try This Providence Pop Up

Sure, everyone's posting about the #firstsnow this past weekend. It's pretty and all, but it's also a chore to drive in, and it signals the beginning of something a lot of ppl in these parts dread. Yup, I'm talking about winter. I mean technically Day 1 is Dec 21st but let's not fool ourselves - with the temps of late and that storm, it's already here.

Now, if you're one of those who live for summer in the OS, or maybe you have a trip someplace tropical planned for the New Year, there's something you can do to either keep a little bit of July with you right now, or (in the other case) prep for your excursion.

You can run out and get yourself a sunless tan. What you want is that healthy glow that tells everyone you *might* have skipped away to Florida (After all, Art Basel WAS last weekend.) for a long weekend. Or to create a pre-vacay glowiness, so that you don't arrive at your destination looking all ghost-like and pale (One caveat, you'll still need SPF because a spray tan def doesn't protect you from getting burned when you're out and about.).

As someone who doesn't tan (I have 2 speeds - burning or peeling. Then there's the possible wrinkles and other really dangerous skin damage related to the sun. That all matters too, big time.) and who is an absolute klutz when it comes to applying self-tanner at home (Soooo many swear by it, but honestly, in my hands, it's usually streak city.), I just had a nice, subtle spray tan from the new Glistening Goddess Pop-Up in Providence (Deets below.). And it was hassle free and flattering, both extremely important when it comes to anything that involves even a short term beauty committment. 

Anywho, it's not like the spray tans of old, and you're also getting that sun kissed look without opening yourself up to any sun damage or drama. Honestly, I was worrried about what to wear there, since I didn't want to cause any smudges, streaks or uh-oh's to my newly tanned skin. So I wore sweatpants, an old t-shirt and such. But Cassandra (She's the woman behind GG and you might already know her since she's got a major following on social.) assured me that ppl come in wearing their regular clothes. Even skinny jeans. It dries that fast. You can rinse off - no soap or lotions tho - a few hours later and the next day, your glow kicks in fully. At that point, everyone will probably start complimenting you about how healthy and radiant you're looking these days. And that's a really good thing.

*Thanks to Cassandra and Glistening Goddesses for my spray tan! If you want to see a recent photo of me with my GG tan, click over to @pattyjdotcom on Instagram. If you want to check out the new Providence Pop Up on the East Side for yourself, here are the details:

1 Richmond Square (gorgeous building btw and a must see for any RI'er); text 401-218-8411 for an appointment