If You're A Fan Of This Christmas Movie, You'll Want To See This Rhody Spot


Like millions of others, I switched on the tv the other night, looking forward to catching the live version of the cult classic movie A Christmas Story ("You'll shoot your eye out.") over on the FOX network and after a few minutes, found myself asking, "This is a muscial?"  Yup, most ppl were not happy campers and let it be known on social (media). WTH indeed. Flash forward to the other day, though, when after parking my car on Brown Street in Wickford Village - aka, The Wick - I wander up the street to find this store window. (See snap below.)


This, my friends, is one of the front windows of Green Ink, all done up for Christmas with an homage to a key scene from ACS and it is freaking fabulous! Apologizes for the glare on the glass (At the end of the day, I-Phones and editing apps can only do so much, ya know?), but it's yet another reason to get yourself over to Wickford Village to get into that Christmas Spirit. 

In addition to this awesomeness, there's so much other sensational stuff to see and do. Grab a hot chocolate or a full lunch at Shayna's. The Beach Rose Cafe is re-opened with new owners and they even have nitro brew coffee from The Nitro Cart now too, (Haven't been yet, but it's on my list.). There's Tate's for dinner. For shopping, there are a bunch of sweet options in addition to Green Ink too, including The Grateful Heart (We did a post about their Aura Camera last summer btw.). Gossip (I know there's open late now thru Christmas Eve because I brought the owner a coffee last night. Tons of cute denim and boho cool wear.), and Serendipity (Lots of great looking gift-y type tems in their window.). And did I mention all the Insta Worthy scenes, including one of my all-time fav Christmas spots that in my book is highly under-rated, Wickford Collection. Get yourself over to The Village; in the meantime, however, do check out a few more glare free fotos.