The Restaurant Whose Fans Refer To It As PVD's Best Kept Secret

Julianna's is a family owned business. Señora Cecilia and Frank (the owners) named it after their youngest daughter. They also have 2 sons (I taught first communion classes to both, but that’s another story. ) It's definitely the place all Bolivians flock to because it reminds them of home. My nieces, who have only been in the US for a couple of months, love to go there. It's as close to Bolivia as they can get right now.

If you want to have a nice hearty meal, there are many choices, but the top pick is Silpancho. Silpancho is made of rice, fried eggs, fried potatoes slices, fried breaded meat, and salsa (made with tomatoes, onions, and green peppers). It's pretty delicious. Julianna’s also offers the best lunch combinations for a super friendly price. They consist of soup and segundo (meal). In Bolivia, segundo is what you eat after your soup. Segundo literally means second. And Julianna’s always has a lunch special of the day that you can choose from.

Julianna’s also offers Salteñas, which are meat pies….simplest translation. In Bolivia, we eat them around 10-11am. Here in the US, you eat them anytime. They are very filling. Typically, you order 2 with a coke, and you are all set! Some people like to order one as an appetizer, until the main meal comes. It definitely is up to you.

Now comes the good part….baked goods. As soon as you enter Julianna’s, you'll notice an enclosed case at the counter where you order to go/pay. It's full of yummy treats. Two favorites you must try are Cuñapes and Empanadas. Both are made with cheese, but in different ways. Oh yes, they are both baked. They are also both wonderful to have with coffee or tea. I enjoy my empanada with a coke as well. It’s up to your taste buds : )

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Photo Credits: Photos of Guisela and coffee & dessert at Julianna's courtesy of her; photos of interior of restaurant and a dinner special courtesy of the restaurant's Facebook Page; photo of Bolivia used with permission from DC_Colombia/iStock/Getty Images.