Hello Yellow: There's Still Time To Get Daffy In Newport

All those daffodils you're spying in Newport recently? They're gorg(eous)! And anything but random...

We found out first hand last night at the Daffodil Days' Spring Fling* at The Chanler, which has been onboard with the (non-profit) mission of the Daffy Days Festival since it's inception four years ago. Now, you don't need to wear yellow, or even daffodils, to the remaining events (taking place daily thru this Sunday, April 23rd), but you'll probably be kicking yourself if you don't. After seeing some of the snazzy ways people had incorprated both into their looks Monday evening, I was. (Think about a hat - Photos above.)

With that in mind, here are a few more key points that speak to what exactly these 'Days' are all about:

  • The Festival is actually an extension of Newport's Daffodillion, a 501 c3 (again, not for profit) that allocates 100% of all money raised to planting bulbs in designated areas throughout the city and a Fall bulb giveaway to residents.
  • More than 100 local businesses in the City By The Sea have donated to the Daffodillion this year. 
  • Their 2017 goal is to hit the one million - or as they like to call it, one dillion - marker for total daffodils planted. (Project Manager John Hirschboeck announced this last evening and gotta say, his enthusiasm and energy ARE real deal inspiring.)

If you missed the Spring Fling, it was swell (passed hors d'oeuvres, drinkies, a harp player, and noteworthy speakers including Mr. Hirschboeck & Mayor Winthrop), but don't get sad because there are plenty more events taking place thru the 23rd. Most are FREE. Click here for their site and a complete list of happenings, and go get daffy

*Shoutout to my friend, and favourite Daffodil Days volunteer, Amy Hampton for the invite. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photos: First photo by FredS/iStock /Getty Images (used with permission); all other photos courtesy of PattyJ.com