The Latest Edition To The Food Trend Sweeping Rhode Island

The donut craze has hit Warwick.

Only this time, they are square. (If this were a vlog post, I'd want to loop in a clip of Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, specifically the part where she draws a rectangle in the air, in an effort to tell Travolta's soon-to-be-dancing hit man NOT to be a square, right about now.) Guess it has something to do with the shop in question - 4 Corners Coffee - being a stone's throw from the Rhody famous intersection known as Hoxie (or Hoxsie, seen it spelled both ways online) Four Corners. 

I was there yesterday, among the can't miss bright blue and red decor (Seriously tho, if you're driving by, you cannot help but turn to see.), for Day 3 of their soft opening, along with plenty of others rushing out with boxes full of doughnuts in hand, and I ponied up $2.50 plus tax for a glazed with funfetti. Or, as I like to call 'em, rainbow that not cool to say anymore or what?

My pick was sweet and slightly crispy, different from my favs from say PVDonuts (such as their Cereal Milk or Dave's Coffee...Both of which I find more cake-like in texture and consistency, and more layered when it comes to flavor.), but definitely worth a trip. Especially if you heart sweets, coffee, all day breakfast or all of the above. (If you're not a fan of eating eggs or pancakes any time of the day or night, then I throw up my hands.), with a side of FREE wifi. (For the record, It still amazes me when I'm sitting in an eaterie these days and there's no flippin wifi.) 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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