The Place For Coffee & More You're *Probably* Missing Out On

They actually know how to make a macchiato.

That was the text I got last week, that had me driving over to Westminster Street - which happens to be one of the most happening destinations this second in RI - to eyeball the new location of Sin Desserts. My only experience with them had been rushing over to their previous place on Allens Ave to get some PVDonuts, back when those two bakeries were sharing a space. But apparently my brother-in-law's niece got her wedding cake from them and it was outstanding, and that's gotta count for something here in the blogosphere and beyond.

Unfortunately, I didn't get there until ten minutes before they were going to close up shop for the day. Leaving me enough time to grab an iced coffee (I don't usually drink mine on ice, but it was one of those unseasonably hot days in the OS. Which sadly are not on the agenda for us this week. SMH) and snap a few photos for IG & this post. Now, everything in the cases looked scrumptious (sinfully delicious, if you will), but there just wasn't time. I mean, who wants to be that annoying person who waltzs in right before closing and then, sticks around? Not me, and I say this as someone with almost 20 years experience working with the public (not in restaurants or food, but retail...I have a whole other post about that and unlike the coffee at Sin, it is slightly bitter. WINK.). 

To wrap up, the place looks sharp with its signature red accents (Found out later that their hashtag is #eatwicked, and their site is, both of which are pretty darn brilliant.) and my iced coffee was full bodied and at all not watery (Is there anything worse than THAT?), so I can and will say that it's so worth your time to check out. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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