New Hawaii: The Aloha Shirt Is Not Just For Tourists Anymore

I’ve never been much for attire that aligns with outdoor activity or fun-in-the-sun-type garb. Heck, the temperature has to get pretty high before I’ll even put on shorts. But I love vintage-inspired looks and bold prints, so the Hawaiian shirt re-boot from a few years back – that’s still going strong today – is right up my sartorial alley. The slimmer cuts and softer fabrics of this Aloha update are far beyond tacky tourist, and will have you looking right for an urban rooftop luau or the neighborhood block party.

1. Harry Styles is one of those annoying characters who can pull off just about anything he cares to put on. But he more than pulls off this look off. A bit of jewelry, aviator sunglasses, a roll of the sleeves, and the pop star literally shows us how it's done. 

2. There’s a lot going on with Khloe Kardashian’s new boy toy’s summer shirt, including long sleeves. But somehow it all comes together with the light-colored denim, the plain white sneakers, and the lack of socks. 

3. The idea that dudes with bigger builds should steer clear of bold prints is a bad one. Our man here proves my point. 

4. I’ve always been a fan of messing with the suit. And what better way to mess than by pairing basic black with a wild pink print? But it's the slim silhouettes that will have you looking like a badass rather than just plain bad. 

5. Magnum P.U., or What Not to Wear.


  1. The print should be bold, but not goofy. No novelties.
  2. Roll the sleeves and show off that mermaid tattoo.
  3. Leave one more button unbuttoned than you normally would.
  4. Do not wear with shorts. I repeat, do not wear with shorts! Pair with slim jeans or lightweight chinos.

The author on trend in the summer of 2015.

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