My RI Life: Ascending Artist, Coffee Drinker & Cat Person Jenny Brown

I am originally from Boston, now a College Hill Providence resident for almost 10 years with my husband. Currently, I am juggling a full time office management job for a creative staffing firm in Boston, and a full time art career out of my kitchen studio in Providence.

Locally, I show and sell my work at Lore on Brook St, and at Candita Clayton Gallery in Pawtucket (Candita was the first gallery to show my work in Providence!). I have also been doing regular pop-events with West Elm and Anthropologie this year. I also show and sell my work at Collier West in Brooklyn, NY. and have an online print shop at

As you probably have noticed from my IG feed, I love food! I've been obsessed since I was a child - how it's made, presented, how it exists as a social practice, and of course, how it tastes. I love using IG to celebrate food along with art!

Some of my favorite spots in Providence: Our go to restaurant for years has been Broadway Bistro (I love the food and adore the staff...we feel like it is an extension of our home at this point!). I'm also a huge fan of Knead & PVDonuts, Rebelle Bagels, North Bakery, Pastiche, and Loie Fuller's. And for an extra special treat Oberlin! And the Coffee Exchange without a doubt has the best coffee hands down.

I am so happy to live in Providence - it's a vibrant, quirky city with all the deliciousness of NYC, and a great art community! I also try and spend as much time as possible at Beavertail State Park in Jamestown, one of the loveliest spots around.

In my work, I use found materials, ranging from antique postcards, Victorian pop-up books, catalogs, and 100 year old books. I love paper ephemera and inherited my love of collecting from my grandmother who is a painter and a lover of a good flea market. Searching for the materials is a HUGE part of my process, and I love including materials in my work that bring in another layer of history and feeling.

I am so happy to report that my art business is finally beginning to thrive after many years of hard work - it is my dream to work full time on my art and art related projects!! I will keep plugging away at it until I reach that goal.


Instagram: @jennybrownart



Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Jenny Brown Art