Eat Famous: The RI Restaurant For Fans Of Old & New Hollywood

Long before it was featured in Vanity Fair, for it's 100 anniversary last year, the Olympia Tea Room was the place for eats and drink in Watch Hill. With its art deco interior, the pink walls and ceiling and that black and white retro tile floor, and paintings by the owner's wife lining the walls, it feels almost like stepping into an old Hollywood movie, as though Bogie and Bacall (along with maybe Peter Lorrie and/or Sinatra) are going to glide thru the screen door and slide into a booth any second. 

During peak season, once the weather really heats up, it's also very cool to sit outside for a delicious meal (I adore their grilled pizza, Boston Bahama Salad, and classic mussels, for starters.) and some top notch people watching. After all, you never know who'll walk by. I mean, maybe Oprah or Selena (as in Gomez, also good friend of T. Swift's, who, in case you haven't heard, has a house a stone's throw from Bay Street...Hint, hint) will actually walk by, or into the restaurant, this summer. Both are among the many superstars who've *allegedly* been spotted looking at property in the area over the years. (The Oprah rumor predates TS by at least 3 years or more.) 

Now, post VF piece (A few summers ago, while staying in WH, we could've sworn we spotted the big man himself, Graydon Carter, in town. Could he be a fan of the Tea Room? Hint-y hint) and post Tay Tay, the town and the Tea Room are busier than ever, which is exactly why May (aka, right now) and September are my two, new fav months for frequenting the restaurant. As a matter of fact, since I was in the vicinity yesterday afternoon, I motored over for a nice quiet dinner. It was open for biz and it was perfect, from the pinot noir to the salmon and beans. Note: If you Google the Olympia right now, it may tell you that they are still closed for the season, but it would be wrong. That was my experience yesterday afternoon anyway. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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