3 Under The Radar Menu Options You're Probably Missing Out On

Wanna hear a joke? It's raining again! So, I hear tomorrow (thru the weekend) is supposed to be spectacular weather wise. In case you're looking for some delicious indulgences to cheer you up, until the sun comes out again, I've put together this short list of the apps and snacks I'm obsessed with, that (I feel) are legit **hidden gems** and often overlooked on these restaurants' menus. 

At Rosalina's

Anyone who knows me IRL will tell you that I am not at all a 'salad person'. I mean, if I eat a salad for lunch, I'm usually starving and binging two hours later. Well, this dish from the Rosalina menu is different. For starters, it's filling because it includes lots of chopped tomatoes, avocado, red peppers, and mozzarella cheese (local by way of Narragansett Creamery). Feel SUPER healthy, with all those colorful veggies in front of you, even while you're dipping slice after slice of Italian bread in the red wine vinaigrette dressing. 

At Ogie's

As someone who has watched the tv movie Elvis & The Beauty Queen (starring Don Johnson as Elvis and Stephanie Zimbalist as Beauty Queen Linda Thompson, who went on to marry RHOBH's David Foster before he said 'I Do' to Yolanda) multiple times, how could I go to Ogie'ssee a fried PB &J option on the menu*, and NOT order it? Of course, chubby, rhinestone studded jumpsuit era Elvis had his made with banana and (if I'm not mistaken) bacon, but I opted for Nutella instead. I recommend having one, just so you can cross it off your foodie bucket list, and taking your friends from the burbs to Ogie's every chance you get. They'll think you're a rock star. 

*K, this may be a special item and not on the regular menu, but I bet they'd make one for you if you asked nicely. They're also known for their famous tots too and you'll probably want multiple orders of those as well.

At The Duck & Bunny

You probably know them for their cupcakes, crepes, pancakes (and brunch), ginormous coffee cups, cocktails, and cozy interior (multiple fireplaces throughout). But how about their truffle fries? They are what treat days are made of. And if you're really in need of a personal day about now, you should know that mid-week afternoons are the best times to score a table at the D&B without having to wait 'like' an hour or more. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J 


Photo Credits: Additional photos of Ogie's and The Duck & Bunny are courtesy of Ashley Farney