3 Spots In This RI City For Summertime Fun

Some love to mock Cranston and those who live there. What they apparently don't realize is that it's a pretty sweet place to be, especially this time of year. So, while those jokers are off having a few cheap laughs at the expense of fine and upstanding Cranstonites (Or is it Cranstonians? Apparently, that either was or is still a hot debate, depending what you've read on Google. But I digress.), let's take a look at three must visit spots this summer in RI's 3rd largest city (Damn you Warwick, Damn You! **Shaking My Head**), more specifically Western Cranston, an area I've come to know well. (Winky Face.)

1. Spoiler Alert: The Side Patio At Avvio

Head over to Garden City and meet your squad for lunch, dinner or drinks on this new-ish patio area (A personal fav of mine since it was unveiled last year!) at Avvio. Outdoor dining in GC is an absolute must during July and August, but who needs to be squinting (and sweating, which is so the opposite of glam) in direct sunlight? I mean, dare I say the W word (aka, wrinkles). I'll take some shade and overhead fans with my al fresco dining thank you very much. Unfortunately, you can't actually reserve a table on either of their patios. It's a first come, first serve, as available sorta situation, but if you time it just right (or you're one of those souls who is just plain lucky), you'll probably end up victorious.

Style Tips

Stylish sunglasses are essential, off the shoulder tops and dresses are off the hook this season, and ginormous tassle earrings are definitely a thing this minute.


2. A True Summer Classic If There Ever Was One

Been going to the Del's Lemonade stand on Oaklawn Ave since I was a kid from PVD, but only just found out last year that that location is in fact their World Headquarters. Uhhh, wow! One more reason to get over there and treat yourself to a nice cup of my all-time favourite lemonade ever. And don't you dare reach for a spoon or (**shudders**) straw - those are for amateurs and are also a dead giveaway that you're not a Rhody native.

Style Tips

Aviators, ponies (instant facelift effect for all my fellow over 40 friends out there) or baseball caps, and jorts or casual sundresses are all great choices.


3. Because We All Scream...

Pedal or motor over to Sundaes on Oaklawn Ave. In the not-too-distant past, there was a PattyJ.com blog post praising a delightful ice cream destination in Watch Hill. Well, the outcry from fans of Sundaes was intense. Yes, Sundaes has a loyal and extensive fan base of repeat customers, for many reasons, including dozens of flavors of both soft serve & hard ice cream (Their black raspberry chip is a hot seller.), ginormous portions (Have you see what they call a small? Holy Mackerel!), and their low cal, sugar free frozen yogurt called Only 8 (8 calories a spoonful? Idk?). On any given night, the line is down the street and it's a may-jor scene where you'll spy everyone from families with toddlers to cutesy couples still in the honeymoon stage to white and silver hairs and the occasional hipsters here and there, doing their best Kurt & Courtney circa 1990 homages. Also, don't forget to snap an I-Phone pic of your ice cream and upload it to SnapChat, FB or Insta. 

Style Tips

Go cas (as in casual) with a logo tee or crop top (inspired by a recent photo of JLO wearing one while out and about with Alex Rodriguez, aka, A-Rod.) and your best looking pair of sneakers (I detest the oft-used terms kicks btw.) or flat sandals.