The Holistic Beauty Treatment You Haven't Tried Yet But Should

The alluring empresses and concubines in ancient China held many beauty secrets. From beautiful floral waters to herbal masks, to facial massage and steams, skin care was a way of life. We still use many of these time tested techniques today.

One facial massage technique (that you may have never heard of) is on the verge of becoming mainstream. Known as Gua Sha (literally skin scraping), it's gaining huge popularity with celebrity facialists in the green beauty movement and for good reason.

The benefits of facial Gua Sha include relaxing muscle tension, smoothing the connective tissue, reducing wrinkles, and improving lymphatic flow to decrease puffiness. In 2007, a German study found that Gua Sha improves blood circulation to the skin by over 400%! It instantly rejuvenates the skin cells for a healthy glow.

Do you want to know the best part? You can learn to do it yourself! Facial gua sha uses a flat jade tool to apply a gentle, cooling massage. With the proper technique, you can spend 5-10 minutes after cleansing your skin at night, and you'll see some incredible benefits over time. You can check out tutorials online or attend a live workshop at Emerging Energy Acupuncture in Providence this fall! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to be notified when this exclusive class is announced.


Mary Claire Dilks, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, opened Emerging Energy Acupuncture in Providence in 2004 and has been named Best Of RI "Best Inner Healing" by RI Monthly magazine. A licensed and board certified Chinese Herbalist, Dr. Dilks has advanced training in Dermatology from a world renowned expert from the UK and is developing a line of skin care and essential oil products - Pearl Apothecary - using the wisdom of ancient China with modern science.