The Place Everyone's Posting From This Month, And Why You Should Too

A quick search of either Providence or PVD on Instagram this month and within a few seconds of scrolling, the photos from this location start popping up. Selfies. Fake candids (also known as fandids). A few post-brunch pics (A little foto etiquette - Give a girl a filter! Refrain from posting group pics where you look adorable and everyone else looks awkward.). And of course...the sunflowers on their own, with a cityscape backdrop.

So, I'm talking about 10,000 Suns, the grassroots garden of sunflowers, situated between South Water and South Main streets in the capital city. Funded by donations from a Kickstarter campaign (Sponsors also include the peeps over at The Shop on Wickenden and Campus Fine Wines.), and planted and maintained by a dedicated group of local volunteers, this is year 2 of this project and once again, it does not disappoint. 

We were there again yesterday in the early afternoon, and there were lots of people milling around the makeshift park, exploring and (because...why the heck not?) taking tons of smart phone pics. In the same way that no one takes a terrible photo while wearing sunglasses, absolutely everyone looks better posing near sunflowers. In fact, the more, the better the end result. (Give it a try!) You also can't help but feel happier while surrounded by thousands of these cheery things, which no surprise, also comes thru in the pictures.

The key photo opp - which we didn't get - does require getting near a pair of quirky mismatched, wooden RED chairs, half hidden somewhere among the sunnies. (Watch for the super cute photos over on IG of various dogs lounging on said chairs.) Sounds easy enough, but try going on a bright, sunny weekend afternoon or during lunch hour. Way too many ppl crowded around, but if you go mid-week (either before or after peak lunchtime), you'll have much better luck. 

Team Patty J

Photo Credits: Sunflower photos above courtesy of