50 Shades Of Dark Circles: 3 Ways You Can Use Your Phone To Get Better Sleep


Trying to keep it postive here, but if there's one thing that annoys the heck out of me, it's those people who brag about how little sleep they need. That's just crazy talk! I mean, if I don't sleep 7 to 8 hours, it's an express, non-stop direct to Crankytown. 

Sleep can be tough tho because as you're probably already way too aware, it can be extremely challenging to turn down the noise of the day, whether it's work related drama, the faucet in the kitchen breaking (again), or a bill - with interest! - for that Gucci you just had to have. Or some variation.

Exactly why I put together a few accesible, fairly inexpensive ways to bring more Zzzzzz's into your life this winter. But wait, because it seems like whenever this topic comes up, someone starts preaching about the importance of stashing your smart phone away for better slumber. So, let's turn that on it's ear, and instead talk 3 strategies to help get more restful sleep using your phone.

1. Sure there's an app (a multitude in fact) for this, but have you heard about this podcast that lulls you to dreamland? It's called Sleep With Me, and it has rave reviews on I-Tunes. The idea is you tune in for a bedtime story, which gets progressively more and more boring, until next thing you know, you're snoring. Kind of like running into that person who doesn't come up for air when you ask them what's they've been up to, only much better because this time you can nod off while they are still talking without any guilt or awkwardness.

2. In case you're feeling more crunchy granola, green leaning in the new year, there's always yoga. Nothing too extreme, it does, however, require familiarizing yourself with former-model-turned-social-media-yoga-star Tara Stiles. Among her dozens of vlogs and tutorials on YouTube, you'll find several for bedtime yoga, including this one. Touted as 'the yoga rebel', Tara has a mission to make the practice accessible to all, and a go-with-the-flow style of narration and tone that are especially helpful if you're in dire need of some serious unwinding.

3. Then there's always Spotify. One thing I discovered recently after staying up all night working on a special project and then trying to find some sleep at around 6 or 7 the next morning is that Spotify has an utterly insane amount of playlists. Including everything from Baby Sleep Aid (with both White Noise & Rain Sounds versions) and Music Box Lullabies to a little something called Peaceful Piano, which I highly recommend as the soundtrack for your next pre-snooze prep time.