The Place You Need To See On Your Next Italian Holiday

While wandering the streets of the San Lorenzo neighborhood in Florence, we literally stumbled across it by accident. La Menagere, named for the oldest homewares store* in the city that had occupied the same space up until about ten years ago, is hands down the most stunning concept restaurant/bar I've ever seen. So much more than your standard side street bistro or sidewalk cafe, it's post modern maker and food blogger aesthetic meets high industrial interior styling (modern unfinished) meets Italian hospitality (Molto bene!).

So, you're au courant with the concepts of restaurant and cocktail bar, classic bookstore and coffee bar, and even the bookstore bar, but ever hear of a destination that combines cocktails, food, flowers, coffee, plants, kitchen and house wares, and all sorts of live music? Me neither. That being said, here's a look at the best of what LM has to offer whether you're planning your first or fifth trip to Firenze.

1. Fresh Flowers & Plants Palooza

Yup, it's a florist too! You're greeted with gorgeous displays before you even walk thru the front door in fact, by way of the front patio. And have no FOMO because there are more situated throughout this airy, sophisticated shabby space. 

2. Cheers To The Coffee Bar

Next, grab a coffee and a pastry, which just so happens to be the standard in Italian breakfast fare. Also, you should know that across the board, the coffee in Italy is so strong I found myself eventually ordering a pot of hot water on the side, to dilute and take the edge off. Consider yourself warned. (All the more reason to drink more wine!)

3. Eats, Drinkies & Live Music

At night, it's buzzing with small groups and couples, enjoying artfully crafted drinks, delicious Mediterranean food, and a regular schedule of live music from a handful of different genres. 

4. Let's Dish!

And right when we thought LM didn't have anything else to offer, we realized they also sell dishes, glasses, furniture, and the like. Now, I don't care if you're a tried and true Home Goods devotee when you're at home in the States, this is the place to stalk for souvenirs for yourself or your BFF.

Photo Credits: Additional photos courtesy of the La Menagere Instagram.

*Once you know this factoid, the napkins that read 'Firenze 1896' make total sense, especially because the updated and expanded version of La Menagere has only been open since 2015.

**Revised and updated from the original version that appeared on the site in January of 2017.