3 Unexpected Places For When You Want To Play Tourist In The City This Fall


Wander Lust And City Dust

When you just want to run away to the big city….Planning a few days in NYC this Fall? Maybe a long weekend? You’ll want to avoid looking like a tourist (stash your heels, selfie sticks, and so sorry, that Red Sox cap too), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore some of the most Insta famous spots right now. Because why go to all the trouble of packing a bag and driving (or Amtrak'ing it) 4 hours to have a less than fantastic time? 

1. Shoe Adventure Awaits

photo courtesy of the SJP Collection IG

photo courtesy of the SJP Collection IG

At this point, stashing your heels (if you do bring a pair, carry them along in a tote, just in case you want to change your footwear for dinner at a nice restaurant) is a given. This doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t shop or window shop for them, kicking things off first and foremost with everyone’s favorite shoe addict, Sarah Jessica Parker. Or more aptly her SJP Collection. It used to be, before the launch of SJP, people might tell you to go to Manolo Blahnik or something. Now it’s all about checking out one or both of her locations in the city - in the Seaport District, 93 South Street at Fulton and Midtown, at 6 West 52nd Street between 5th and 6th. Also, and this is key, SJP herself has been known to frequent both locations, helping customers, chatting, and just generally being her down to Earth, friendly self.

2. Say Yes To Scenic Lookout


One of the biggest photo “gets” these days is this view of the Brooklyn Bridge from Washington Street in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn. Also known as Scenic Lookout. If you’re lucky enough to have a friend or significant other with you who knows how to take a decent smart phone photo, then you could end up with what can only be described as Instagram gold. So set your GPS app to Washington between Front and Water and cross your fingers that there won’t be 5 dozen other ppl there trying to get the same shot at the same time as you. Also, there’s a Brooklyn Flea (every Sunday thru the end of October) and the fully restored, glass enclosed Jane’s Carousel (open to the public Thursdays thru Sundays this fall/winter) in the vicinity, in case you’re looking for more social media worthy activities.

3. WWAS Or What Would Audrey Say?

photo courtesy of the Ralph’s Coffee IG

photo courtesy of the Ralph’s Coffee IG

Got your heart set on coffee (and brunch or lunch) at the new-ish Blue Box Cafe on the 4th floor of the Tiffany flagship on 5th Avenue. Well, we hear you have to make reservations online (via their site and Resy) at least 30 days in advance. What would Audrey say? You might wanna try your luck at any number of other cute cafes and coffee shops in the area, including Ralph’s Coffee Shop at 711 5th Ave, on the second floor, where you can treat yourself to some custom blended organic coffee (as well as muffins, and other pastries) from your old friends at Ralph Lauren. Yes, Ralph Lauren! And be sure NOT to leave without getting at least one good snap of you on the premises.

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