This Foot Spa Will Knock Your Socks Off, Especially If You Workout Everyday


Chinese Ancient Foot Massage Or A Word of Mouth Referral

I found out about it from a woman at the gym after (I was) complaining about lower back pain. She swore I had to go to this Chinese reflexology spa in Cranston, and that my pain would go away almost immediately following. I had literally no idea what I was getting myself into. Chinese reflexology? At least spa was in the name.


The confusion for me began when I heard the words spa and reflexology, obviously thinking of them in the Western sense. The last time I went to a spa it was all about cucumber water, fluffy bathrobes, aromatherapy and Swedish (light pressure) massage. Well, this spot was nothing like that. (Stupid me, what was I thinking?!?!) Chinese is Eastern, and as I soon found out, nothing about that type of reflexology is fluffy or gentle. 


They start by putting your feet in hot water, by far the most relaxing part of the whole process. They then give your feet and head a gentle rub (they even massaged my eye lobes), definitely not a preview for what's in store. Once they move onto your legs and the rest of the body, that’s when things get interesting. They find the spots where your muscles are the tightest and go to town. Painful in the moment yes, but very beneficial to 'future you'.


Note: within a day of my full body treatment, my pain had subsided significantly.

Now, I’m not going to BS you, the majority of the treatment is uncomfortable. There were a lot of times I was glad my face was in the donut so no one could see how I was contorting it due to the intense pressure they were applying to the knots in my shoulders, back, and legs (Jesus, the legs!). The - at times extreme - discomfort was worth it in the end, though, because the reflexology not only relieved my lower back pain, but I think it also helped get rid of any other stiffness (I workout 5-6 days a week) in my body. I was also reading last night how it's supposed to help with energy flow (or Qi) throughout the entire body too. #balance

That being said, I am calling to make another appointment for next month. #PainIsBeauty

***Chinese Ancient Foot Spa is located at 824 Park Ave in Cranston, RI.

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****This post has been updated from the original that first appeared on the site earlier this year.