3 Places Everyone's Going To Be Posting From This Month & Why You'll Want To Too


It used to be enough to throw on some booties or maybe a plaid scarf and viola, you were ready, steady, go for those fall outings and foto ops. This year, however, things are a little different. With temps forecasted to be in the 70's (and possibly 80’s…unless you count those few hours first thing in the am, and after sundown, when it's freaking freezing and we're wrapped up like cranky extras from the set of The Ice Storm, Snow Day or Dr Zhivago) next week, what’s someone who adores autumn supposed to do to keep their spirits up?


Now, I'm guessing you're already planning on checking out the Jack O'Lantern Spectacular at RWP and indulging in some pumpkin beer, so here's a short list of other fall-tastic places & things that all your friends (and frenemies) will probably be posting about this month that you’ll def want to scope out for yourself.

Photo from the @PattyJDotCom Instagram

Photo from the @PattyJDotCom Instagram

1. The Farmer's Daughter in So Kingstown - It's everything you're looking for right about now. Think farmstand meets garden shop meets scenes styled straight outta a fotoshoot your fav lifestyle guru would envy. Truth be told, It’s spectacularly decorated for every major holiday and is a must visit during Thanksgiving and Christmastime too.

2. Corn Maze Much? The ah-mazing maze of the moment, at least over on IG, has to be Escobar's in Portsmouth. Corn stalks. Kiddies. Even a few Doodles here and there. Seems as though absolutely everyone's checking in from there! If you can get someone to take a faux candid (or "fandid") of you strolling the paths in your finest casual AF outfit (Yes to ratty denim. Nope to ratty sweats.), you are golden!

Photo courtesy of the Presto Strange O Coffee Truck Instagram

Photo courtesy of the Presto Strange O Coffee Truck Instagram

3. What Everyone Says They're Drinking Vs. What They Really Are...K, hear me out on this. Pumpkin Spice lattes are now synonymous with autumn and key messaging to everyone on social and IRL that you are indeed a fan of falling leaves and such. But if you look closer, you'll notice this year more ppl are actually drinking, and posting about, nitro cold brew coffee. And everyone from Starbucks to our old (Rhody based) friends at Presto Strange O Coffee Truck and The Nitro Cart has an option to fuel your October adventures.

*Also, if you're dialing down the diary, I can vouch for how delish the brews from both Presto and TNC are on their own. In other words, no need to add any milk or cream. Pretty sure I may be lactose intolerant, but you go on ahead and enjoy that pumpkin ice cream.


*Updated and revised from the original post that appeared on PattyJ.com during Fall of 2017.