This Cozy Wellness Trend Is Perf For Your Next Girls Day With Your Crew

photo courtesy of Autri

photo courtesy of Autri

Pink Himalayan salt.

You may already have a lamp made out of the stuff somewhere in your house, the negatively charged salt ions are supposed to be incredibly detoxifying and calming. Or maybe you’ve tried mixing up some salt water sole to add to your morning lemon water or smoothie to help improve your circulation, lower your BP, and balance electrolytes. Ramp all that up to the next level and you have the Salt (or Halo) Therapy Cave, everything you need in your life. Especially this time of year, with the onset of a dreariness rooted in daylight savings time (hello darkness, my old friend…ughhhhhh) and the chillier temps that so many of us are struggling to adjust to.

Salt caves, and meditation rooms, started popping up on the West Coast a few years ago, and people (including some of your fav Instagram Superstars…Eva Chen, for one, took a yoga class in a salt cave earlier this year, and documented everything in IG Stories.) started going gaga over them shortly thereafter. I recently returned to the new-ish Saltitude Himalayan Salt Cave in Lincoln, RI, after having visited back in March. I didn’t take any selfies (Isn’t the whole purpose to unplug?) and am also happy to report that it’s as delightful a way to decompress as ever.

Now, let me walk you thru…First you’ll have to stash your shoes (Bring a pair of white socks to change into, an absolute must to preserve the condition of the salt.) and your phone (OK, you can bring your phone inside, as long as it’s turned off for the duration of your Salt Session.). Next you’re ushered into a peaceful, magical space. Also known as the Salt Cave. Once you’ve made yourself comfy in one of the zero gravity lounge chairs, you’ll experience a 10 minute guided mediatation (Tbh, I fell into a pretty deep snooze around minute 11 or 12.), followed by 35 minutes of silent reflection and relaxation.

All the while, the Halo-generator is working (silently) to mill and disperse pharmaceutical grade salt particles into the cave's micro-climate. Breathing in this ultra fine mist, combined with the meditation, is supposed to act not only as a natural de-stresser, but also aid in balancing your system (as that relates to things like water regulation, blood pressure, staying alkaline, etc.), alleviating allergy symptoms and breathing related probs, and possibly reducing cravings for things like junk food.

The store front is also sparkling clean, the woman who assisted me (one of the owners…it’s a family run biz.) could not have been more pleasant, and I felt incredibly relaxed as I floated out the door following my 45 minutes in the cave. Sessions are priced at $35 per person, unless you buy a pack of them, which ultimately means less out of pocket down the line. Either way, I highly recommend reserving your spot in advance because honestly, as a walk-in, I was lucky to have secured a spot at all. Calming time at this salt oasis and modern santuary is booking up quickier than ever these days.

Photo Credit: Pix of the interior of the Salt Cave are courtesy of the Saltitude Instagram