The South County Restaurant That Reminded Us Of Our Trip To An Italian Vineyard


When we visited Italy a few years ago, some of the best food and wine we were treated to came courtesy of an unassuming, family-run vineyard not far from Mt. Vesuvius. Well, not so long ago, I was at a point where I really needed some of that old world Italian magic back in my life. Luckily, and because I needed to walk somewhere scenic to clear my mind, I ended up at Tate's Italian Kitchen for an impromptu dinner. 


The soundtrack was Dean Martin (appropriately his lesser known "Return To Me", as opposed to his signatures "That's Amore" and "Everybody Loves Somebody"), so I decided to take the plunge and order a glass of red wine (after asking if they had any organic red wine, the waiter assured me all their vino is from Italy, which is pretty much the same as organic in my book.) and some pasta. Because wine not?

And Dean-o.

And the window between Christmas Day and New Year’s that everyone’s suddenly posting/complaining about on social, but I digress…


Whilst waiting for my butternut squash lasagna, I couldn't help but overhear the couple at the next table. They were talking about her efforts to try to sell a table on Facebook Marketplace, why marble cutting boards are no good (Who the heck knew?), and how he had previously dismissed Tate's because he'd thought it was a diner - not that there's anything wrong with diners people but we are talking hidden-ish Italian 💎’s in the OS here!

I can totally see how that guy would have made that mistake though because Tate's used to be a diner in a previous life and it's not fancy looking per se. Just as our day at that winery near Naples had taught us though, sometimes superlative things come in simple, understated wrapping. 

Also, maybe the stars will align just right, and you’ll get there on a day when Jack’s made his famous chocolate cake.

Tate’s is open Thursday thru Monday from 5 to 9pm. Closed New Year’s Day.

**This post has been revised and updated from one that appeared earlier this year.