Cozy Drink Ideas To Warm You This Weekend Because Brrrr, It's Cold Outside


We woke up to a dusting of snow here this morning, and a 34 degrees fahrenheit reading on the thermo. What better time then to dip into some wintertime drink recommendations and recipes. I asked four regular contributors to spill the tea on what cold weather beverages they’re leaning on this month in the OS and here’s what they had to share.


Photo by 5PH/Getty Images

Photo by 5PH/Getty Images

Guisela: I have been craving eggnog for some reason (lol). I think I may have had eggnog one time in my life? Still I believe it can be good and yummy (😉 ).

Karen: My holiday go-to to satisfy my eggnog craving without dairy is So Delicious (coconut milk) Holiday Nog. As close to the real thing I have found...with a little of the usual additions, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a splash of liquor if you choose. In the past and this year? I buy at least 6 around Thanksgiving because before Christmas, it is gone!! Expiration date is April, and it does not last that long for me. 🤣

Hot Toddy

Photo by jrwasserman/Getty Images

Photo by jrwasserman/Getty Images

Elizabeth: Love hot toddy! (Click here for one of Liz’s favorite recipes.)

Mary: I've been making a hot toddy with ginger liquor instead of whiskey. Just a twist and delicious!

Ordering Out: RiffRaff Bookstore & Bar, new-ish Saint Monday in PVD,  The Avery (in Luongo Square in PVD), and Tree House Tavern in Warwick

Coffee Break


Mary: I'm drinking lots of lattes with oat or hemp milk and maca root mixed in (for energy!).

Ordering Out: Try Bolt Coffee at The Dean, Cafe Pearl at RISD (run by the ppl at Bolt), the coffee bars at your local Whole Foods Market, and Wildflour for a latte made with oat milk, which our friends over at Well + Good recently described as  a “rising star” in the world of plant-based eats and drinks.

Classic Hot Chocolate


Guisela: I have been leaning towards hot chocolate. We have some from Bolivia and yesterday I had some from Pastiche. Winter usually brings out hot chocolate girl in me. If I catch myself with sniffles, my go-to is tea, lime, and honey. 

Ordering Out: For more local options for hot choc, check out this recent PattyJ post.

More About Karen, Mary, Elizabeth, & Guisela


Karen is a RI native, a makeup artist with 40 years of experience at iconic retailers such as Fred Segal and Nordstrom (She also works as a freelance ma for weddings and special events.), an animal lover, and a fan of clean living and wellness.

Mary Claire Dilks is a licensed Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine/Chinese Herbs and owns Emerging Energy Acupuncture, located in the Jewelry District in Providence. In practice for over 13 years, Dr. Dilks completed a year long advanced herbal training in Dermatology with a world renowned herbalist from the UK. She also makes natural skin care and aromatherapy products, and has been named Best of Rhode Island (“Best Inner Healing”) by RI Monthly.

Elizabeth Stone, MBA is a Mompreneur in Rhode Island with a focus on social enterprises. She loves fitness, health, and running around with her daughters Pepper and Violet. Her latest projects include BioSci Labs, BI Medical and Pepper’s Closet.

Guisela Pinto Caballero, a RI native, is a Psychotherapist, Empowerment Coach, and Inspirational Speaker. She can be found at ZenCare.Co/Guisela-Pinto-Caballero.

*Collage created from original photos by Stacey Doyle Photography