5 Local Places To Explore If You're In A Restaurant Rut & Looking For Some Inspo


One day it's 70 and everyone's outside, running around in their shirt sleeves. The next, it's some kind of rain snow mix that squashes all your dreams of a mild end to the month. Sure the weather might be all over the place, but there's still one thing we can count on in the OS, and that's plenty of really great restaurants.

That being said, however, most of us get caught up in going to the same places over and over again. That can be a yawn and could even lead to an extended hibernation at home on the couch. Precisely why we've put together this list of some eateries in RI that maybe you're not seeing in your feeds on Facebook or Instagram, but are worth hitting pause on your latest Netflix obsesions for. You know, a best kept secrets sorta situation. Now, without further ado, and with a litle help from a few past contributors, here we go with the hidden treasures for food (and coffee) lovers.

Salad Goals

 "Rue Bis has this amazing chopped salad. It's loaded with toppings, including chickpeas, mangos, avocado, and feta cheese." Stylish Mama, one half of the NE-based blogging team of Stylish Mama Meets Organized Chica

Also, Rue Bis is tucked away on a street a few blocks from the Providence Children's Museum, and the weathered shingle, quaint exterior is a fav spot for Insta Blogger photo ops.

Diner Culture

A retro 50's vibe, with antique model careers and black & white photos of stars of yesteryear everywhere? Let's raise a cuppa coffee to Pazi's Place in EP! The food and service are top shelf. If you're in the mood for some classic American diner faire, and you're tired of all the chain restaurants over on Pawtucket Ave, check it out. (Team PattyJ.com)

Attn Cafe Fans

Think converted mill/factory space, that hasn't been overrun (not yet anyway) with a bunch of people all working on their blogs and vlogs or in the midst of meetings of some sort. It's Mad Dog Cafe at 65 Blackstone Ave in Pawtucket. Not to be confused with Mad Dog Gallery on the 2nd floor, the Cafe is a space that you can pop over to for your latte, cortado, pastry or even a quick lunch. Even if you don't own a single pair of ripped denim or designer phone case. (Team PattyJ.com)

The Real Deal

 "Julianna's is a family owned business. Señora Cecilia and Frank (the owners) named it after their youngest daughter. They also have 2 sons (I taught first communion classes to both, but that’s another story. ) It's definitely the place all Bolivians flock to because it reminds them of home... Julianna’s also offers the best lunch combinations for a super friendly price." Guisela Pinto Caballero, psychotherapist, coach, and inspirational speaker

Old School Italian

 "For lunch during the week, we love Gesualdi’s (643 Hartford Ave, Providence). The daily chalkboard specials are always changing, but you can never go wrong. I’m partial to the platters of greens and beans in rich chicken stock and the beautiful (and huge) salads." Tracey Keough Park of Trace Alchemy Skincare, handmade right here in RI

• A reader has just let us know that Gesualdi’s is apparently closed. Apologies for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.  

Team Patty J