3 Local Things You'll Want To Know About If You're A Pet Parent In The OS

Dogs are adorable, photogenic (more about this in a few), and a lot of...WORK! Especially right now, at this moment in time, when being a pet parent comes with way more responsibilities and expectations than ever. I mean it's getting so that if your dog (or cat) doesn't have his or her own page on Insta or Facebook, then you're suddenly looked at as dropping the ball in a big way when it comes to your best friend. But don't despair because I have three local places and things to help you navigate the demands of 21st century life with your pup with half the stress and twice the style. 

1. Puppy School's In Session

When Goldendoodle Louie first came into our lives, as a tiny little pup, he was cute and cuddly (Awwwwww's all around!), but he definitely needed some training. We all struggled with it, especially the teaching him to go outside to do his business part. At one point, he actually got in the habit of pooping in the front room of the house every afternoon at 4pm. You could set your I-Phone watch by it. And the clean up? Ick!

Anywho, once Louie started Puppy Kindergarten at Rumford Pet Center, hello major improvements, which included doing his biz outside (Hooray!) and coming back home afterwards exhausted (a sure sign he was getting much needed play time and not spending too much time in a cage or confined space). Thanks and all credit to Heidi, the woman behind the 'Puppy School', as we called it, and Pooch Pawsitive, and her team. Can't say enough good things about Louie's experience (He even got report cards. Thought I had one saved, but was able to locate it while putting this together.) and ours. Highly recommending if you and your pup need some guidance and help with basic commands, behavior, etc. 

2. Let's Have A Paw-ty!

For Louie's 2nd and 3rd birthday's, we threw parties. Admitedly, his 2nd bday party was more elaborate than his 3rd, but both shindigs did have one thing in common - cakes from Jack's Snacks in Warwick. They rival any 'people cakes' you'd find at your local bakery in terms of appearance (Yes, they look lovely, super important for Instagram purposes ya know!); they're also treats your dog (or dogs, in case you put together a guest list) can actually dig into. I mean forget about buying a regular cake, throwing some candles on it, and singing HBD. We tried THAT one year and Louie tried to jump up on the table to blow out the candles or whatever. There's that, plus the fact that regular chocolate is deadly for dogs. Jack's to the rescue!

3. Shop Local - For Your Pup

My friends over at Made From RI carry a variety of Rhody themed items, from jewelry and toys to photographs and house warming gifts. But did you know they also make these fantastic dog collars, including ones with anchor and seashell motifs? Yup! I love the idea of jazzing up your dog's collar collection (I feel like most dogs nowadays have a whole wardrobe of collars, leashes, and other accessories.) while helping support a local business. 



Photo Credits: Additional photos for Jack's Snacks and Made In RI, LLC courtesy of their social media and web site respectivelty